On the Subject of Terror Leftists Need to STFU

On the Subject of Terror Leftists Need to STFU

The Left get the opportunity yet again to blame another terror attack on everything but their policies.

Nevertheless, Democrats, progressives, socialists or whatever these morons call themselves ARE the cause of yet another needless loss of life in America.

I was in the Green Room at a studio preparing to go on Fox Business to discuss some other asinine issue created by dumbass Leftists, when I got the news that a truck had mowed down people on a bike path in New York City. My first thought: Muslim terror attack.

In fact, I knew the attack was carried out by some wack job Muslim. I gave myself odds of 100 to 1 I was correct.

The head of the studio warned me, “Kev, they will likely cancel your segment.”.

I knew it would happen, and yes, they canceled Fox Biz and my later appearance that was to occur on Tucker. “Hey, it happens,” I thought to myself.

There were people closer to the situation in NYC, thus no need for me. But I wish they had kept me on for commentary. I would have said,

“First, is anybody surprised to hear about another attack? Of course not. And second, let’s all say it together, ‘Allahu akbar!’ Because we KNOW it was a radical Muslim.”.

The last time we talked terror attacks it was either London or Paris. Or was it Miami? Who knows, who cares, right? That’s the way the Left has conditioned us.

Iconic cities around the world that invoked feelings of adventure or romance, now simply invoke Leftism.

Prior to the attack in New York today, there have been 1751 global terror attacks in the name of Islam so far this year. These attack occurred in 57 countries, in which 12454 people were killed and 12464 injured. Believe it or not, this is a GOOD year, as attacks are down.

In 2016, there were 2491 Islamic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21261 people were killed and 26722 injured. Again, this was a good year in comparison to 2015 where 2884 Islamic attacks occurred in 53 countries, in which 27623 people were killed and 26169 injured.

Anybody think Leftists have any idea there have been 7127 global terror attacks by radical Muslims over the past three years?

Think they could tell you what countries these attacks occurred, or what attack was the most heinous in loss of life and injury?

For the record, the worst attack in 2017 took place in Somalia, where 358 people were killed, 429 injured. The media only reports attacks in “civilized” countries.

I wrote of Muslim global terror attacks over the decades:

In the ’70s, the only terror attack took place in Saudi Arabia. In that attack The Grand Mosque was attacked. 240 people were killed and 180 wounded.

In the ’80s, 657 people were killed 303 wounded in less than a dozen attacks. The largest attack of this decade was at the Marine barracks in Beirut where 307 Marines were killed and 75 wounded. The countries of attack were the usual suspects. Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries. Hardly a decade goes by without an attack on Israel.

Even European countries were not immune, as Denmark and Spain.

By the ’90s, Islamic attacks begin to escalate. There were almost 3 dozen attacks, and the total carnage for the decade came to 1,049 killed and 7,757 wounded. As you can see, things have begun to ratchet up quite a bit. The list of countries has grown significantly as well.

China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and many others have now joined the list of countries who’ve come under attack.

So let’s recap.

Decade  People Killed   People Wounded   # of Countries Attacked

’70s                       240                        180                                      1

’80s                        657                        303                                      9

’90s                     1,049                     7,757                                    19

My bet is the average America doesn’t even remember the first Muslim-related terror attack in America in 2017?

CNN reported the attack which occurred on Jan 6, 2017 as follows:

Esteban Santiago, the man charged with killing five people at the Fort Lauderdale airport, told FBI agents he carried out the attack on behalf of ISIS, FBI special agent Michael Ferlazzo testified at Santiago’s bond hearing Tuesday.

The agent did not elaborate on whether Santiago was purporting to be linked to ISIS or simply inspired by the terrorist organization.

That was the last attack during the Obama Era. Almost 20,000 radical Muslim attacks occurred around the during the Era of Obama. Yet this man constantly reminded us of the peaceful nature of Islam. Obama and his ilk “radicalized” the world, in an effort to bring “diversity”.

In every place were radical Islam spread you will find the most diverse cultures on the planet. But the places where Islam exists are the least diverse on the planet.

Obama and his ilk have allowed the proliferation of Muslim terror attacks. And after each attack, they remind America to not become jaded about Muslims. And then we get the “rays of hope”.

Mayor of New York, De Blasio said something like, “We won’t let a crazed man in a truck change our lives!” Nice campaign speech.

Screw you, De Blasio. New Yorkers lives have changed forever! And so has the rest of America.

The #1 threat to America is not GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!

We are far past indulging these Leftists and their grand experiment on diversity. We ARE diverse. Take a look at these other countries and cultures and ask them about diversity!

America MUST take a stand against Islam. So thank God we no longer have a president who brings terror in our midst.

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