Barack Obama’s Dream: A Hate-Filled America

Barack Obama’s Dream: A Hate-Filled America

Once again the left seek to politicize the tragic shooting in Texas with their “gun control” rhetoric.

And of course the man who ushered in such hate in America, Barack Hussein Obama quickly jumped in.

Obama took to Twitter on Sunday evening to express his thoughts about the mass shooting that took place on Sunday morning in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

“We grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by this act of hatred, and we’ll stand with the survivors as they recover. May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst,” Obama stated.

Sure. And let’s begin reducing the “violence and weaponry” by not allowing Muslims to rent Home Depot trucks.

Obama actually tries to sound like a preacher, as he asks God’s grace. Remind me how many times this man chose golf over church?

The Left may claim that Obama calmed the nation with his sermon-like eloquence, however his actions as president paint a different picture.

For example, I wonder where Obama’s tweets were to the families of the police who lost their loved ones in Dallas, killed by a member of Black Lives Matter. And what of the other police ambushed by the same?

There was no tweet from Obama after Micah Xavier Johnson followed through with his threats to kill white people during this rally.

At the memorial service for the fallen officers instead of praising the officer’s bravery by putting their lives on the line for us everyday, Obama scolded them.

“Whether you are black or white or… we have all seen this bigotry in our own lives at some point… if we’re honest, perhaps we’ve heard prejudice in our own heads… we know that. And while some suffer far more under racism’s burden, some feel to a far greater extent discrimination…none of us is entirely innocent. No institution is entirely immune. And that include our police departments.”

Not even our government, who under Obama allowed 4 Americans to be killed in Benghazi. But I digress.

As for BLM, adding insult to injury, Obama invited and hosted the racist hate group at the White House. And when it comes to protecting our borders, Obama’s record worsens.

Finally, consider what we wrote recently of the escalation of Muslim attacks:

“By the new millennium, they stopped measuring terror attacks by decade and began measuring by year.

In 2001 alone there were 4,687 deaths by Islamic terrorists and 13,500+ wounded. 

So in one year more people were killed and wounded by Islamic terrorists than in the modern era. The largest attack occurred in America, as the World Trade Center buildings were targeted. 2,996 people died, and over 6,000 were wounded.

In 2002, 821 people were killed, and 2,897+ were wounded.

In 2004, 1,066 people were killed, and 4,016 were wounded.

The list of countries grows and the number of attacks rises with deaths and wounded varying, but nevertheless numerous.

Only a fool would ignore what’s happening here.”

So, despite knowing these numbers and knowing that Muslim terror groups exist in all 50 states, Obama brought in more and more undocumented Muslims. Even when America is attacked by Muslims, Obama blames Americans; not the terrorists who commit the crimes. Thus, Obama emboldens these savages to continue attacking and killing American citizens.

And what of illegal border crossings? Obama practically sanctioned Central American and other Latino gangs.

One report about Obama’s Southern border quoted a 4-star general who said:

“The ongoing border crisis is much more than just a flood of illegal immigrants searching for amnesty and a better life.  It is a crisis that is threatening America’s national security, and even it’s very existence as we know it, as deadly diseases, drugs, weapons, even terrorists are being smuggled into the country, with doctors and agents being threatened to stay silent about it.”

Obama even sued states for trying to implement safer border security for their citizens.

In 2010 Arizona adopted an immigration law designed to discourage illegal aliens from entering the state. This law required state police to verify a person’s immigration status with federal authorities and attain individuals suspected of being in the country illegally. Obama disregarded the will of the people. He sued the state of AZ, thus stopping the action.

Next, Obama allows sanctuary cities, in blatant defiance of the citizens of the United States. Time and time again he has protected illegals, even emptying our prisons of illegals and putting them in the streets. The crimes are usually the most violent, like assault, robbery, rape, and even murder.

Many American’s lost their lives and loved ones under the worst president ever. So, if Obama and other leftists care about taking “concrete steps” to protecting American lives they need look no further then themselves.

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