Planned Parenthood GETS VERY BAD NEWS

Planned Parenthood GETS VERY BAD NEWS

Planned Parenthood brands itself cleverly.

The name implies that the organization is about “parenting”. We can all get behind planning for parenthood. As people began to understand the sinister goals of the organization, PP morphed into an organization for “women’s reproductive rights”. 

Apparently, fatherhood as part of parenthood no longer mattered. So PP convinced people that the organization was about preventing breast cancer by offering mammograms. The only problem is PP offers no mammograms.

In short, PP has one real goal: population control of the people its founder considered “human weeds”.  Thus, according to The Maven,

The 8th Circuit US Court of Appeals has for the second time in four months turned Planned Parenthood Great Plains away in its quest to regain qualified healthcare provider status in the state of Arkansas.

The decision is the latest in a two-year battle that began when Governor Asa Hutchinson cancelled Arkansas’ contract with PPGP, largely due to the numerous videos showing various Planned Parenthood representatives discussing the sale of fetal body parts harvested post-abortion.

Since that time, the Federal District Court and the 8th Circuit have gone back and forth on the issue, with the Appeals Court this time refusing to reconsider its earlier 2-1 decision in August to let Hutchison’s decision stand.

Planned Parenthood will tell you that they do a world of good.

I’ve asked what PP does that a woman can’t get elsewhere? Are women not allowed in hospitals? Clinics? Doctors’ offices? It’s not like you go to a hospital and there are “separate but equal” care entrances. In fact, most would argue that women have much more medical care available than men.

So if all these services are readily available to women with no distinction, why does PP even exist? Perhaps their outreach during Hurricane Harvey suggests the organization’s real goal:

The Left’s novel approach to helping poor displaced minorities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is to kill their babies.

And I love how Planned Parenthood hides behind front organizations like Whole Woman’s Health when plotting the destruction of minorities, specifically blacks.

As FOX News reports,

Whole Woman’s Health, a reproductive health care organization, in collaboration with other groups, is offering free abortions to women affected by Hurricane Harvey.

That’s right. Instead of offering real help, this organization offers its services to kill children. I can’t imagine how this would be received if Donald Trump offered it?

Back to Arkansas.

Leftists who support the black genocide group argued the decision violated federal law. However, the fed generally leaves the qualification of Medicaid providers up to the states.

According to the Stamford Advocate: Arkansas’ AG is elated:

“Attorney General (Leslie) Rutledge is pleased with the court’s decision to deny the request for rehearing, which reaffirms that Planned Parenthood and the three patients it recruited could not contest in federal court Arkansas’s determination that a medical provider has engaged in misconduct that merits disqualification from the Medicaid program,” Judd Deere, a spokesman for Rutledge, said in an email.

When you consider the importance of a president, consider the judges.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals is currently made up of 11 seats. Republican-appointed judges occupy 8 of those 11 seats.

Two seats remain currently empty, however President Trump has already submitted nominations for those seats for Congressional approval. Thus, only one of the 11 seats is occupied by a Democratic appointee, and that’s how things will remain for quite some time.

Contrast this with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Currently the district contains five active judges – three of whom were appointed by Obama.

Planned Parenthood losing ground.

As we reported a few months back, Planned Parenthood tried a different tact for funding. It backfired big time:

chilis-abortion-voucherChili’s restaurants in two states recently promoted baby-killing by donating 15% of patron’s meal purchases to racist baby-parts selling Planned Parenthood.

Earlier this week Planned Parenthood affiliates in Indiana and Kentucky posted a promotional code for supporters to request that Chili’s donate 15% of their pre-tax meal purchase to fund abortions.

In a since-deleted Facebook post by Planned Parenthood in Indiana and Kentucky, the voucher reads:

“Bring this voucher when you visit (dine in or to go) the Chili’s location identified below and 15% of your pre-tax purchase will benefit:  Planned Parenthood of IN & KY.”

The now-cancelled promotion began on Jan. 1 and was set to continue until March 31.

LifeNews contacted one of the restaurants included on the voucher and staff were not familiar with the voucher.  A manager was not available to speak to at the time.

I see this as a sign of changing times.

We certainly won’t get rid of abortion. But if we make people understand the ramifications, young women will likely think differently about their sexual activities and partners.




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