Police Stops on Thanksgiving Yield Surprising Results [VIDEO]

Police Stops on Thanksgiving Yield Surprising Results [VIDEO]

I write often about the police, because I support them.

To be a law enforcement officer is one of the toughest jobs a person can take on. To go to work daily knowing the potential exists for you to die takes guts.

The Black Sphere team will soon release our film, Bleeding Blue to honor the men and women willing to perform the duty of law enforcement.

We all know of the situations that have put police in the spotlight. And it would be foolish to ignore bad cops. But there are far more bad doctors who accidentally kill far more people than bad cops. Yet, you don’t see the clamor against doctors.

What is grossly overlooked are the 99.99 percent good law enforcement officers. These human beings help far more people than any other segment of society, except the military. And many LEO are former military.

Watch these police officers surprise a few law-breakers.


Obama made targets of the police. We chronicled three police officer shot in three different cities in one night:

After 8 years of Leftists’ devaluing our public defenders, police officers find themselves under siege. And Leftists are the reason 6 police officers were recently ambushed in three different cities in one night.

The first incident happened in Kissimmee Florida. One officer was killed and another suffered horrible injuries. They were both called to check out a report of a suspicious person when shortly after a 911 call came in saying the officers had been ambushed and shot.

The same night two police officers were shot in Jacksonville Florida and two state troopers were shot in Pennsylvania.

In the case of Kissimmee, the suspect Everett Glenn Miller was arrested for first-degree murder.

While investigating Millers Facebook page there was tons of anti-Trump propaganda including anti-police remarks as well as racism, slavery, and Charlottesville.

As the Left fuels this false notion that police officers are our enemies, our brave men and women die at alarming rates.

And when officers are slain, some on the Left feel no remorse.

We documented a story of a teen who showed disdain for a slain officer.

In what should come as no surprise, a NYC teen did the unthinkable.

As thousands of police officers mourned the death of Officer Miosotis Familia, assassinated as she sat in her police vehicle last week, a teen blasted NWA song “F— Tha Police” from his apartment.

According to the New York Post,

Julien Rodriguez, 16, said he found the experience “satisfying” as his older brother and best friend had been unjustly killed by police.

“Since they did not show respect for my brother and my friend, why should I show respect to them?” he told The New York Post.

If Obama had a son.

Thankfully, we have a president who respects the police. But regardless, it not the president’s job to change the perception of the police. It’s the public’s.

By showcasing stories like this, America and the world can see the real view of law enforcement, and not the fake news version.


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