Democrat Presidential Hopefuls AVOIDING Hillary Clinton

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls AVOIDING Hillary Clinton

The two-time loser announced no one has approached her about Election 2020.

Apparently no one expects the third time to be the charm. 

Unfortunately, the worst book tour in history is still making the rounds. On the latest stop, Hillary sat down with Hugh Hewitt in an effort to sell a few more copies. Sadly, Hewitt gushed over the book, complimenting Clinton on her candid remarks. However, Hewitt never addressed the fundamental truth of the book. Hillary Clinton is a presidential failure of epic proportions.

Somehow, Hillary believes her failures give her the right to further advise the Democratic Party. And why not. She called the shots to derail Bernie Sanders by controlling the DNC. Then she fabricated the current controversies against Donald Trump.

Why shouldn’t Clinton continue to feel relevant, even if only until authorities whisk her away to prison.

It’s clear that Clinton doesn’t want to relinquish the reigns. Nevertheless, her fellow Leftists are no longer willing to invest in Clinton. As she pointed out that no one has been to see her about the next election.

Hillary told Hewitt,

“I see Democrats all the time and nobody’s said ‘Hey, I’m going to run’ or ‘I’m thinking about running, give me advice now.”

She went on to say that she’d be happy to have those conversations.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

That no one has approached her for 2020 advice is not surprising.

First, as Clinton herself said, it’s 2017. The short-list of possible 2020 candidates isn’t just short, it’s practically non-existent.

Second, even if there were a list of likely 2020 candidates, why would anyone seek campaign advice from the woman who lost to a reality show host? Why would anyone want the advice of a person who lost despite the fact she enjoyed nearly every conceivable election advantage going into 2016?

Clinton had the advantages.

In the election of 2016, Clinton was the heavyweight. Undoubtedly the most credentialed candidate and a political heavyweight. Former First Lady, and an active one at that. Senator, then Secretary of State, Clinton created the pedigree.

The Clinton name alone brought cache, and provided a big advantage in most political and fundraising circles.

Despite the Clintons financial woes, the “dead broke” family managed to amass a fortune prior to 2016. Further, they relied on the vast network of large donors at their disposal. Because of this, Hillary Clinton ran the most expensive campaign in history.

Clinton had the media literally in her pocket, as we’ve learned through disclosures by Fusion GPS. And if you believe the fake news, paid-off media, the Democrats were a unified party.

On the other side of the coin was Donald Trump. And Trump was Trump. Stumbling over himself in debates and making controversial tweets. He had no campaign experience, and initially self-funded his campaign. Nobody expected him to make it out of the primaries.

But despite having the deck stacked against him, including potential collusion from Obama to help Clinton, Trump won.

So now she asks, “What Happened?!”

All the money in the world wouldn’t allow Clinton to retire. Her book tour represents her fake new presidency. This is as close as she gets. When this book tour ends, so does the Era of Clinton.

Inflated ego, inflated sales

Even her book sales are inflated. So far, there is only one Texas stop on the loser tour, at Austin’s BookPeople. Clinton proudly announced that the visit quickly “sold-out.” However, the $30 tickets are a far-cry from her usual speaking/appearance fees. Furthermore, the ticket included a free copy of the book. Barnes and Noble sells the hard copy for $34.99. So exactly what is Hillary giving away for free? Her appearance or her book? Now, who wants to venture a guess that the free books somehow are included in her supposed record-breaking sales figures?

Event insiders told me Hillary showed up in a black van and had to be held up, physically, before entering the venue. Sources reported she was ‘wobbly’. She went on to offer the same whiny rhetoric Clinton has voiced at every stop of her pathetic tour.

She didn’t admit to her failures in Benghazi. Clinton didn’t admit to bullying women her husband abused. She shrugged off the emails and pretended Comey never did her any favors. If you’re anything like me, you wish you had a nickel for every lie she tells.

The question is, when will Clinton just own up to her failures and tell herself the cold hard truth? America preferred to take a chance on someone who’d never governed before than to put another criminal in the Oval office.

It appears other Democrats see Hillary Clinton as the wart that won’t go away.








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