Rapper Master P to LaVar Ball: THANK President Trump!

Rapper Master P to LaVar Ball: THANK President Trump! [VIDEO]

The media tells us that black people hate Donald Trump.

And in the president’s recent exchange with LaVar Ball, father to a formerly jailed UCLA basketball player, the media said that President Trump was wrong to engage.

They called the president “petty” for responding back with Ball suggested the president had nothing to do with getting his son and the other two players released from a Chinese jail.

Of course, the issue was made racial, because how dare the president argue with a loudmouth black parent of a spoiled criminal child?

Needless to say, the “blacklash” has been tremendous, right? At least that’s what the media wants America to believe. Blacks will now even more not support President Trump.

Remember, Stephen Curry boycotted the White House, and black NFL players are taking a stance against him. So it must be over for the president. Or maybe not.

TMZ managed to find Rapper Master P at the airport, and got a short interview.

The rapper chastised LaVar Ball.

He said the man needed to give credit where credit is due, regardless of politics.

“I just think it’s a blessing to have your kids back at home, man,” the rapper told TMZ. “You gotta just be humble.”

That’s a HUGE statement, and one the media will gladly overlook. What Master P admitted is what many blacks think. Trump did Ball and his son a huge favor, and Obama likely couldn’t have made that happen.

These are the types of things that endear a person to blacks. And given that the media paints the president as a racist, black people understand the significance of that lie.

Racists don’t get young black men out of trouble.

In describing LaVar Ball, Master P said the following.

“That’s just him, he always talk wild,” the rapper added of LaVar Ball’s personality.

A condemnation of a blowhard in support of the man who made things happen.

How many black parents do you think trust President Trump over Obama in taking care of their kids? 

With each passing day America sees the truth about the president, and they like getting to know him. But what’s bad for Democrats is every day America gets to see their lies. And it will only get worse.

Democrats did the worst thing they could do to themselves, and that’s pick a fight with a warrior unafraid to call them out on their lies. Democrats are used to getting early knock outs. But President Trump let them punch themselves out and now drags them into the later rounds. Unfazed, the president prepares to give the knockout blows.

Moreover, LaVar Ball exhibits what sickens even black Leftists. They see him not as a champion of the black community, but a publicity-seeking wannabe. He’s only out to help himself.

One other interesting comment made by Master P involved having a president in your corner.

“That’s a card you don’t wanna mess up. No matter if you don’t agree with all the issues he has…”

Great advice for black Leftists.




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