Sexual Abuse: the Left’s Selective Outrage in the Land of Sodom and Gomorrah!

When Bill Clinton faced repeated accusations of sexual abuse against women and spent much private time  with convicted pedophile Jeremy Epstein, his friends in Hollywood and the liberal news media didn’t care.

When director Roman Polanski fled the country to avoid trial for allegedly drugging and raping an underage girl, Hollywood handed him more awards and said the government should pardon him.

And what of Woody Allan’s affair with his own step-daughter, along with accusations that he molested his own biological daughter Dylan Farrow when she was only 7? Few media outlets will even carry the story.

When people in the Podesta inner circle, some of Hilary Clinton’s top campaign organizers, were found to have offensive photos of children online, nobody in entertainment or the press batted an eye. But when Republican candidates or elected officials are accused, the media goes crazy!

Can we drop the partisan hypocrisy and admit that Hollywood and the U.S. government are infested with sexual abusers?

Is that a surprise, considering their anti-Christian propaganda and policies? Are we really amazed that an entertainment industry which habitually mocks Christianity while promoting occultism, drugs, and sexual perversion practices what it preaches? Are we shocked that a government which bans prayer in many places, queers the military, protects porn, forces tax payers to finance birth control and abortion, and jails Christians for resisting is (gasp) actually ruled by sexual abusers?

In using birth control, sterilization, and abortion to take away parenthood as the natural result of sex, we have created a system in which sexual abuse against women is more socially tolerated. Culture has reduced women to cheap commodities. Likewise, it’s hard to curb any type of sexual deviance in a society that promotes homosexual and even encourages men to castrate themselves and dress as women.

Once sex is no longer limited to a husband and wife to grow a family, all bets are off for society protecting anyone from anyone else’s appetites. Selectively burning some while praising others only enhances the stench of the hypocrisy brew.

Additionally, when a society defines “women’s health care” as cancer-causing birth control pills and abortions while creating a tax system and an economy which virtually prohibit full-time motherhood, is it a surprise that those who lead that culture treat women like cattle?

With that logic, one is not shocked to learn of a system that treats children like a disease to be prevented, murdering over a million infants annually in abortion mills and then auctioning their body parts would also stoop to sexually abusing children? How can a government which massacres children be expected to protect them?

What role does Hollywood play?

Dakota Johnson from “50 Shades of Grey” appeared recently on NPR lecturing about the sexual exploitation of women in Hollywood. Excuse me, didn’t she just make a few million dollars in what amounts to a soft-core stag film that glorified a billionaire man sexually abusing a vulnerable young woman?

Do Hollywood actresses not see the hypocrisy in getting rich selling their bodies, only to cry “foul” when men act based on what Hollywood has fed them since childhood? Can a society expect all men to exercise self-control when clothing once limited to streetwalkers is now worn everywhere from the grocery store to church on Sunday?

Feminism also bears blame for teaching girls that equality between males and females means that the two are the same.

In reality, men have very different sexual triggers rooted in our biology. The notion that women can dress obscenely, curse, tell dirty jokes, get drunk, sleep around, and still merit all the respect owed to a 19th-century Victorian lady is beyond naive. Without blaming the victims of real assaults or justifying such crimes, it is admittedly unwise to show up to a frat house dressed like a stripper and get drunk with a few dozen young men at 3 AM.

There is a reason that colleges were once gender-segregated. There is also a reason why even after colleges went co-ed, dormitories imposed curfews and strict limits on the access of the opposite sex. Equality doesn’t mean that women should act as badly as the very worst men and then expect men to act as virtuously as the very best women. What you project about yourself determines how people react to you.

Next, consider the Left’s effort to mainstream Islam, the most misogynistic ideology on the earth. Even in the West, Muslims have committed widespread female genital mutilation, so-called honor killings against women, and married underage girls. Many forbid their women to even show their faces in public, hiding them behind black face masks like lepers. Yet anyone who stands up for these women is dismissed as a hateful bigot! The Left considers itself as defending the freedom of Muslims by defending the anti-freedom ideology of Islam! From the Left’s standpoint, freedom for women lies either in completely secular hedonism or else conformity to Islam. The choice is bikini or burka with no rational middle ground!

What is the best way to combat sexual abuse of women and children?

We can protect the vulnerable by returning to traditional Christian morals, marriage, and family. These institutions teach men to protect rather than exploit women and children. Every society has always suffered sexual exploitation. But a culture which glorifies casual premarital sex and perversion, degrades marriage and parenthood, and floods the country with a foreign religion that treats women like slaves is truly throwing the lambs into the jaws of the wolves. A country whose laws empower perversion while attacking Christianity is doomed to be ruled those wolves. Nothing will change until everything changes.

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