Steve Bannon on Hillary Clinton: ‘You got your BLANK kicked’

Steve Bannon on Hillary Clinton: ‘You got your BLANK kicked’

I attended an event in New York City with Steve Bannon recently, and we chatted for a bit.

Bannon remains the same. He’s an excellent strategist and the success of Breitbart proves it.

Andrew Breitbart knew the direction he wanted to go, and Bannon helped with execution. And now he has set his sights on the Left with a vengeance few can imagine.

As the Washington Examiner reported,

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon joked that Hillary Clinton got her “ass kicked” as he mocked her new memoir, What Happened.

“Here’s what a phony she is. She just wrote another 900-page book. Right? Didn’t she just write another 900-page book?” Bannon said at a Citadel Republican Society event in South Carolina on Friday night. “By the way, this is a way to compensate her. Why don’t big publishing companies, big media companies, just write her a big check and say ‘don’t write anymore books,’ just give her another $10 million. The thing was – What Happened? Ma’am, with all due respect, and I really mean this, what happened? You got your ass kicked.”

Cheers ensued, which prompted Bannon to say: “Okay, okay. I know I’m going to get lit up on CNN in a moment.”

Bannon knows how to play to the media. He was seriously “not” serious.

As the Left recovers from “Clinton fatigue”, forensics can still see the Clintons’ fingerprint all over DC. Leftists find themselves in a transitional period, not quite sure if the Clintons are dead.

They are. And Bannon plans to do his part to oversee the burial.

But Bannon hasn’t just set his sights on the Clintons. The purge currently happening in the Republican ranks is no accident. I’m no insider, but I suspect that Senators Corker and Flake were told they had the desks closest to the door a while back. Senators don’t quit, they die in office.

McCain lied to his constituents, and thus has another 5 years in office. So he will likely die there. However, if things had been different a couple of years ago, Bannon would have plucked that tick off the Arizona body politic.

How many others will fall? Many.

Bannon makes no bones about his intentions, now that he has access to the president, and a major media outlet at his disposal.

The dirt that has been used by politicians to broker insider deals is now fair game for real journalists. And Breitbart has excellent investigative reporters.

Now that President Trump rules the roosts, that insider knowledge will benefit the American people. Bannon will now use Alinsky tactics against the Left, something they certainly aren’t used to.

Consider how Donald Trump and Bannon dismantled Alinsky tactics against the right. They tried everything, and Donald Trump still became president. Now with Judge Roy Moore, they’ve tried again. As of now, polls have Moore continuing to lead. And as more is uncovered about Moore’s accusers, the world sees the fake news agenda in full display.

Ironically, the very same noose the Left fashioned for Judge Roy Moore now hangs around the neck of Senator Al “Frankenstein” Franken. Just recently two Democrats called for his resignation.

On the heels of the proof of Franken’s sexual harassment of women, Bill Clinton was suddenly thrust back into the news.

Believe it or not, the media actually chastised Bill Clinton, albeit 20 years late. This despite Hillary Clinton’s declaration that allegations against Bill Clinton had been litigated.

Apparently Leftist news outlets and anchors didn’t get the memo. So, they decided that the subject of sexual harassment needed to be front and center. Now, many of these anchors admit they believe Bill Clinton should have resigned. These same networks said at the time of allegations of Bill Clinton’s sexual dalliances, “It’s his private life!”

Boy how things have changed. As the political world has been turned upside down.

And it was Donald Trump who toppled it with Bannon’s help.

The new political climate benefits the American people. And, Bannon knows this. Thus, taking back the Republic is tantamount to Bannon and the Breitbart team.

I don’t agree with his approach all the time. However, we do agree on the end game.



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