Trump Puts NFL Wife BEATDOWN on Mitch McConnell

Trump Puts NFL Wife BEATDOWN on Mitch McConnell

If the polls are any indication, then Mitch McConnell is getting his butt kicked.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Tuesday for the third quarter shows plunging approval ratings for most incumbent senators from both parties among all voters. According to Breitbart:

“McConnell is the least popular senator and growing increasingly unpopular: The Senate Majority Leader maintains his title as the least popular senator in America, with 33% of Kentucky voters approving and 55% disapproving. This represents a net 15% drop since Q2.

 McConnell’s net approval, the difference in his approval and disapproval percentages, dropped 15 percentage points, the third-largest drop in the Senate, from the second quarter, according to the survey. The slide came as he failed to advance Obamacare repeal — a key pillar of the GOP’s political agenda since the law’s enactment in 2010.

 Other Senators Include: Susan Collins’ net approval among Maine Republicans dropped from +38% to -2% over the last quarter, a 40 point swing. Lisa Murkowski’s net approval among Alaska Republicans dropped from +33% to +2%, a 31 point swing.”

A Poll You Can Trust

As Hillary Clinton can attest, you can’t trust the polls. The polls favor the Democrats, though they have been warned, “To thine self be true!”. They aren’t.

If a poll shows Obama as the beloved, don’t believe it. If the poll paints President Trump as a maniac, move along; it’s fake news. Recall the most recent poll that just came out giving President Trump the lowest approval rating for a president in decades.

The President’s approval rating during his third quarter in the White House was just 36.9% in daily Gallup tracking polling. That means Trump’s number marks the lowest third-quarter approval in seven decades of surveys.

Translation: President Trump is doing a fantastic job.

Explain this poll when our economy booms. 1.7 millions jobs created. Further, companies are returning to America. And have you looked at your 401(K)?

Obama couldn’t spell jobs, much less create (or save) them. He conceded jobs to other countries, warning Americans of the new paradigm–presidential incompetence.

So when it comes to polling the job of President Trump, the Left skews the numbers to fit their narrative. However, when polling involves the Republicans in Congress, believe it or not, these polls can be trusted.

Americans have no problem voicing their disapproval of Congress. Little chance of repercussion exists to down Mitch McConnell or even his Democrat contemporaries. Say something bad about Schumer, and you’re safe. But say something bad about Obama, and it better be in the privacy of your home.

McConnell can blame his poll numbers in big part on The Trump Effect. Conservatives have tired of watching a Congress to whom we’ve given the majority be wholly ineffective. And McConnell will go down in history as one of the worst Senate Majority Leaders.

The many can’t wrangle senators to kill legislation they vowed to kill: ObamaCare. John McCain twice voted against killing the bill he vowed to kill as part of his re-election campaign. And what of Senators Flake and Corker. These two have completely left the Conservative reservation.

The Trump Effect has a way of outing those who opposed sanity in Washington. Some say the president polarizes, and perhaps that’s true. Because from this vantage point, it appears that America’s political system is made up of Democrats, and those who side with Democrats.

Look at what McConnell said of people who expected him to do his job.

“Our new president has, of course, not been in this line of work before, and I think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process,” McConnell said while on recess in Kentucky.

He complains that President Trump expect the senators to do their jobs!

McConnell and other Senators criticize the president on how little he knows about how things work in government. Really? The problem with government is how things work in government. That is exactly why America elected a billionaire businessman. Because we wanted someone willing to change how government works.

Thus, establishment swamp rats fight the president. Daily, President Trump shows politicians their level of incompetence. They are so caught up on procedure, they forget their true mission–to represent the people. The role of government is to minimize itself in the lives of the people. Our politicians believe the opposite.

President Trump is poll-proof. He proved that already and he will again in 2020. But for McConnell and company, they will find the polling true to form. And as the president’s legislation takes hold, and things continue to improve, he will gain more support from both sides of the aisle.

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