Trump Broke Me: Joe Scarborough REMOVES all Trump Tweets

Welcome the newest member of the “Trump broke me” club.

Club president is none other than Kathy Griffin.

We recently chronicled her woes, as she declared, “I have no gigs when I return from Austria.”

This from a woman used to booking work well into the future. And apparently Scarborough has made a preemptive move to avoid being broke?

What’s funny about all the Trump naysayers is how self-defeating their lives become.

Keith Olbermann recently threw in the towel. He says he’s abandoning all politics on all media.

Rumor is he’s going to Conde Nast, where apparently he won’t make lifestyles of the rich and famous, Conde Nasty. No politics from Olbermann if we are to believe him.

For this to happen, Olbermann should just admit it: Trump broke him.

Eminem felt slighted that the president didn’t tweet about him. How sad that America’s most notable rapper can’t get a “shout out” from the big guy. After all, Jay-Z hung out with Barack.

One by glorious one, the chips fall in Leftville.

The more the truth is revealed, the more former hard-core Leftists take the plunge and swim to Trumpville.

Former anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton Brian Cranston declared his support for the president.

As The Hill reported,

He’s not a fan of President Trump, but Bryan Cranston says he has a message for anyone who’s hoping that the commander in chief fails: “F— you.”

“President Trump is not the person who I wanted to be in that office, and I’ve been very open about that. That being said, he is the president,” the former “Breaking Bad” star — who once pledged to move out of the country if Trump won the White House — told The Hollywood Reporter.

“If he fails, the country is in jeopardy. It would be egotistical for anyone to say, ‘I hope he fails,’” Cranston, 61, explains. “To that person I would say, f— you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?”

So now Cranston, star of the new film, “Last Flag Flying,” wants Trump to succeed.

“I honestly do. … And if you’ve got a good idea that helps the country, oh man, I’m gonna support you.”

Cranston was a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, and vocal critic of Donald Trump.

“There’s nothing there,” Cranston said of Trump at the time.

And what of Jennifer Lawrence?

TBS wrote of her “career break” recently.

Jobless and No Prospects: Jennifer Lawrence Takes a “Career Break”

Funny how Hollyweirdos see things. One of Hollywood’s most top paid actresses and most sought out performers, Jennifer Lawrence, revealed she in jobless.

And on top of that, the outspoken Leftist has no job in queue.

Hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence, the star of Hunger Games announced she is having trouble getting booked for any new movies. Thus, the “career break”.

DML Daily has the scoop:

“Trump-trashing actress Jennifer Lawrence told NBC’s Today co-host Savannah Guthrie Thursday that she’s planning on taking a break from her career after revealing that she isn’t booked to take on any new projects for the foreseeable future. “I don’t have anything set for two years,” she said.

“I think I’m just taking a little break,” she told Guthrie before saying, “I’ll see you in six months.”

Another casualty of Trump, no doubt.

Back to Scarborough

Back in June , the Independent UK reported on Scarborough’s tweets calling for President Trump’s removal from office: 

Donald Trump faced fresh calls for his removal from the White House after his sexist Twitter rant about a TV host.

The US President’s opponents suggested an often-overlooked section of the US constitution could provide grounds for removing him from office following his personal attack on TV host Mika Brzezinski.

Mr Trump has endured calls for his impeachment since his election, but the latest outburst prompted critics to turn to an alternative means of stripping him of power amid questions over his fitness to govern.

President Trump had earlier attacked the MSNBC duo, showcasing their hypocrisy.

What really got Scarborough upset is the fact that President Trump attacked Brzezinski over her face-lift:

And on the third day, President Trump targeted “Morning Joe.”

After attacking numerous media outlets – including The New York Times and CNN – in morning tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday, Trump on Thursday went after MSNBC show “Morning Joe” and its hosts, former Congressman Joe Scarborough and commentator Mika Brzezinski.

He even took a shot at Brzezinski over a supposed face-lift.

“I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!” Trump wrote in a pair of tweets.

So the battle has waged for some time, as President Trump recognized the media for what it is: fake.

Cuckold Scarborough supposedly represents the Conservative side of Morning Joe, yet he has managed to allow his paramour to dictate.

And despite Leftists’ wildest wet dreams, President Trump will serve out his term, and then get re-elected for another.

Is this reality finally hitting Scarborough? Because he will need to deal with President Trump for 7 more years. Does he and all the other exposed media think they can win in this effort?

Scarborough has pulled a Roberto Duran, “No mas!” He picked a fight he couldn’t win.

The press and other Leftists have learned that Donald Trump doesn’t back down. Nor will he be intimidated.



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