Undercover Sting Connects Felon to Hillary Clinton Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

Undercover Sting Connects Felon to Hillary Clinton Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

This criminal racked up 342 visits to the White House. Meanwhile Obama staffers remain tight-lipped.

Hardly anybody would be surprised to learn that a convicted felon visited the Obama White House more than 300 times. In fact, he even hung out in the Oval office and Obama’s residence.

Robert Creamer played a huge role in the Hillary Clinton campaign. As a true insider throughout her campaign, he organized many elements of her campaign strategy.

According to Creamer, it’s pretty easy to disrupt an election. For example, you can pay liberals to go to Trump rallies and start fights. Of course, we knew the violent protesters were planted all along.


According to the Daily Mail:

Creamer, whose wife is 9-term Illinois Democratic congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, took 47 private meetings with Obama or his senior staff, the White House’s official visitor records records show, including one just four months ago.

He says on one bombshell video that the Clinton campaign has daily phone contact with Democracy Partners and is aware of his work.

That work has included sending agents into Trump rallies to provoke violence, the videos – produced by the conservative group Project Veritas Action – show.

One of those provocateurs was a 69-year-old woman who was paid to attend a rally where she later claimed to have been assaulted.

‘She was one of our activists,’ Creamer subcontractor Scott Foval said on camera, unaware he was being recorded.

‘The [Clinton] campaign pays DNC [Democratic National Committee], DNC pays Democracy Partners,’ foval says on tape. ‘Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, The Foval Group goes and executes the s**t.’

Creamer was cleared to be a West-Winger even after serving 5 months in jail for bank fraud and a check-kiting scheme.

Let’s see if Special Prosecutor Mueller gets around to looking into Creamer for election fraud, as he gallivants around Russia.

Obviously, nobody’s talking.

No Obama staffer dare discuss the goings-on in Obama’s “scandal-free” administration.

And it appears that Creamer’s wife now exercises her right of spousal privilege in not condemning her husband actions.

The Daily Mail continues:

Trump, who has been warning his rally audiences about the potential for Democrats ‘stealing’ the Nov. 8 election, has drawn eye-rolls from television commentators.

But his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told The Washington Post that his crystal ball was seeing clearly.

‘Once again, Donald Trump was ahead of his time,’ Conway said of the alleged corruption. ‘We see that it goes right to the top.’

According to the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, it’s time the FBI open an investigation. At this rate, we could see at least five special counsels needed to investigate the shenanigans of the Democrats.

The Hapless Democrats

Typically the Democrats will circle the wagons to protect their own. However in light of multiple time bombs ready to explode, the DNC quickly cut ties with Creamer.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz will soon return to the front page, as the Awan Brothers IT scandal resurfaces. And what of the Russia investigations. Mueller now has the Podesta brothers in his sights, with the Clinton family soon to follow. And then there’s the Holy Grail: Obama.

To that end, Obama’s former Press Secretary Josh Earnest chimed in:

‘It is completely inappropriate to resort to violence to advance a political goal. And that certainly is a principle that the president strongly believes in.”

Nice of Josh Earnest to try to provide cover for Obama.

Of course Earnest had no idea how to explain why a felon visited the White House 342 times. How many things do the Democrats have no idea about now? Weinstein. Who funded the fake dossier? Who started the video rumor on Benghazi?

While Liberal try to erase their culpability, the right celebrates another small victory. And we have Project Veritas to thank for this latest proof of leftist corruption.

Friends of the Clinton Campaign and Josh Earnest both insinuated that the video was spliced together in a misleading fashion. However, neither could offer a specific example. Nor could they explain why the DNC would dump Creamer if the allegations were fabricated.

Where there’s fire, there’s fire. We are well past smoke when it comes to the crooked dealings of the Democrats. And yet again, a statement made by President Trump that was ridiculed by the Left, turns out to be true.

America must address the voter fraud of Democrats. This requires cleaning the voter roles first. Next, we need to make sure that illegals don’t vote, and that massive penalties are imposed for those who dare try to influence our elections, and not just the Russians.








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