Latest Development in the War on White People

Latest Development in the War on White People

The war on white people continues.

And this war against whites remains an “acceptable” war due to ignorance and the spread of “progressivism”. 

Before I elucidate further, let me say that white people don’t need me to defend them. Thus, I don’t defend whites as “whites”. However, I do defend whites as humans.

I know, I know. Let me save black Leftists from the predictable labeling of me as an “Uncle Tom”, when they can be so much more creative. Like what I wrote in my book Race Pimping:

“That Kevin Jackson is an Amos ‘n’ Andy, Aunt Jemima, backstabber, behind-scratcher, big-shot-coon, black-anglo-saxon, black stooge, boot-licker, bought-and-sold, bourgeois, brown pelican, buck-dancer, bug-eye, Buckwheat, butt-kisser, caste flunky, chicken-eater, co-caucasian, cocktail-sipper, coconut, coon-ass-Negro, cotton picker, deblacked, fade, Farinas, foot shuffler, hafrican, handkerchief-head Negro, hi yaller, homey-kinda, homo Tomus americanus, house boy, house Negro, howdy-doody, hyena, integratin, inauthentic, jigaboo, Judase, Kingfisher, knee-shaker, lawn jockey, low-belly-creeper, me-too-boss, opporTOMist, Oreo™, parasite, pleaser-and-appeaser, porch monkey, race traitor, rent-a-Tom, Rev. Pork Chop, Rush Limbaugh wannabe, Sambo, servant-of-the-right-wing, self-hater, self-loather, sellout, slap happy, shifty-eye, shoeshine boy, skunk, snow-black, speak-when-spoken-to, Stepin Fetchit, stooge, Stymie, sugar cane, thank-ya-boss, Thomasina, tomfool, tool of the white man, turncoat, wannabe, weasel, un-cola, uppity, Uncle Remus, Uncle Ruckus, waterboy, white-bread,  whitewardly-mobile, wooly-head, zebra, zip-coon.”

Now that we’ve gotten the names out of the way, let’s move on.

Considering what my ancestors endured, treated in the most inhumane ways one can imagine, I wish this treatment on no person. Thankfully, I know only anecdotally of this treatment, which is enough. Nevertheless, guilty whites seem to believe they can balance the scales of justice through self-abuse. And black Leftists are all too willing to oblige them. Thus, the latest in white hate.

As The Federalist reported,

Officials from a Maryland high school say they are investigating the appearance of flyers on campus with a simple five-word message about white people — “it’s OK to be white.”

The principal of Montgomery Blair High School, Renay Johnson, explained to a local news station why some were disturbed by the otherwise benign message.


“We are taking this seriously and are investigating this incident,” he said. “Our research so far has indicated that this may be part of a concerted national campaign to foment racial and political tension in our school and community.”

The flyers were discovered outside the school early Wednesday but were taken down before students arrived. The principal sent a letter to the parents informing them about the incident.

According to the Washington Post, the flyers were found at other cities as well.

Serious investigation? Perhaps the notes were written by snowmen?

Or the salesperson for Ivory soap? Or an albino!

I jest; but do we actually know the message behind these messages? The short answer is no.

If the note read, “It’s ok to be Caucasian”, the note would be clear.

This begs the question, “What is it ok to be?”

Could the note have read, “It’s ok to be black” without an investigation being needed? Or what about Asian?

Interestingly, if the note had read, “It’s ok to be French”, most people likely wouldn’t have found it offensive. Swedish? Canadian? So why is “white” so incendiary?

Does “white” imply American white? It seems whites in America are demonized more than most.

The article continues,

Stickers bearing the same message were discovered Wednesday morning on light poles and electrical boxes in Cambridge, Mass., according to a report in the Boston Globe. Similar signs were found on the campus of Tulane University in New Orleans, and in Rocky River, Ohio.

It appears that the prank was orchestrated by users of the infamous website 4Chan, where various trolling operations are conjured up and implemented by members.

I love how they call this a “prank”, and describe the activity as “trolling”.

And Leftists wonder why they lost?

People are born into their circumstances. It seems that Leftists look for ways to divide country and in the most insane ways. For example, as a black kid whose mother died when I was very young and whose father’s address was San Quentin prison, I am allowed to shame people who had their parents?

What about “It’s ok to be pretty”? What emotions would that spark. The obvious question is how would “It’s ok to be ugly” go over?

I have a sign: It’s ok to be YOU.

Some of us are born into wealth. I wasn’t. I was cursed with good looks, brains, AND athletics, but you know this! The majority of people, me included, have a responsibility to find our birthright. We all have it. Leftists will do all they can to keep you from finding it, but God gave it to you. And I believe that whatever circumstances into which someone is born, they possess the ability to adapt and overcome.

The poor kid will generally out-hustle the rich kid. In general, less attractive people compensate with extra hustle as well. Of course there are exceptions. That’s what makes a Donald Trump unique, for example.

Trump was a rich kid who had the mettle of a poor kid. And if Leftists weren’t so busy trying to ruin the man, they might take a moment and look for the “secret sauce” that created Donald Trump.

TBS wrote recently of Donald Trump’s brother, Fred. He was born in the same circumstances, and died of alcoholism.

Success in the world is not about white or black. Don’t believe me; ask the Asians, Latinos, and others who don’t allow for excuses. Moreover, the list of the world’s richest people is lot homogeneously white. Accomplished people come in all colors, shapes, sizes, genders, religions, and so on. Yet the Left fixates on finding a white boogeyman.

Back to the signs

The Leftist Washington Post claims the signs were posted in an effort to “spark racial division”. Where is their proof?  Did WaPo feel like blacks seeing the sign would cower in fear?

Only the weakest black people fixate on such nonsense. And only true racists would have any reaction other than, “Yes, it’s ok to be white.”.





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