Elizabeth Warren THREATENED by Clintons? [VIDEO]

Elizabeth Warren THREATENED by Clintons? [VIDEO]

The Democrats KNOW how evil they are. And at times they find a conscience.

Like Donna Brazile’s revelations about four very important things.

First, Brazile explained how the DNC colluded with Hillary Clinton to cheat Clinton’s only real competition, Bernie Sanders, from his rightful nomination.

Brazile next revealed that Bernie “I’m for the poor” Sanders is he’s a sellout. Brazile explained how the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign, yet Sanders rolled over like a Mafia rat. For a few shekels, Sanders sold out to the Clinton machine.

Next, Brazile announced that Barack Obama is a deadbeat. Democrats discovered that the man who carried them on his back for eight years possessed no backbone. Obama left the DNC broke, and the Democratic Party even more broke.

Donna Brazile spilled the beans on the DNC and the people who drove it into the ground.

And one of those people was Barack Hussein Obama.

In an excerpt from her new book Brazile outs Obama as incompetent, irresponsible, and narcissist:

“Barack never had seen himself as connected to the party. He had not come up through it the way Joe Biden and Hillary had.

 Obama “used the party to provide for political expenses like gifts to donors, and political travel.” Because he “also cared deeply about his image,” he used DNC funds for “his pollster and focus groups” late into his second term, even though he couldn’t run for president, Brazile said.

Brazile reveals what half of America already knew.

So Obama is not a god!

Finally, Brazile exposed that Seth Rich was likely killed…by the Democrats.

This ongoing conspiracy may never be solved. But most people who followed this story understand that Seth Rich leaked information to WikiLeaks, and the Democrats killed him for it.

Nevertheless, after letting America in on all the Democrats’ dirt, Brazile tried to walk it back.

Former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile tweeted Friday that she never said the 2016 presidential primary was “rigged” in favor of Hillary Clinton, despite her own report that the Clinton campaign’s control of the DNC compromised the fairness of the nomination process.

Politico Magazine on Thursday published an excerpt from Brazile’s upcoming book in which she describes various ways the Clinton campaign exercised control over the DNC before and during the primary, which Clinton ultimately won over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). Brazile writes that she had resolved to “get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process,” and that she eventually found evidence they had.

“By September 7, the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof and it broke my heart,” Brazile writes.

What part of “get to the bottom of…I had found my proof” did I miss?

At the time, Elizabeth Warren was the only significant Democrat who backed Brazile’s contentions.

Now Warren says the 2016 Dem primary was “fair”:

“I agree with what Donna Brazile has said over the last few days; that while there was some bias at the DNC, the overall 2016 primary process was fair and Hillary made history,” she said in an interview.

She did say that the primary had “some bias”? So which is it: fair or biased?

It’s easy to see what’s at play here. The Democrats aren’t even creative enough to use different language in their “backtracks”.

The Democrats know exactly what happened. However, they know how the comments by Brazile and backed by Warren make the party look: crooked. Thus, they warned both these women to backtrack or else.

And these sellouts did exactly as they were told.

Congratulations Democrats! You prove yet again that you have no morals or character.

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