Woman with F–K Trump Bumper Sticker ARRESTED [VIDEO]

In case you don’t have enough clues that things are changing, here is yet another.

Remember the woman with the “F–k Trump” stickers on her truck? Well, she’s been arrested.

The woman responsible for the “F–Trump” bumper sticker was arrested Thursday, Nov. 16 for a previous outstanding warrant, according to Fort Bend County jail records.

Karen Fonseca was booked into the jail shortly after 2 p.m. on Thursday for a fraud charge. According to jail records, she is out on bond.

According to the Rosenberg Police Department, Fonseca’s felony warrant stems from a June 29, 2015 case for alleged fraudulent possession or use of identifying information. The case was reviewed by a grand jury in July 2017 and the warrant was issued at that time.

How’s that for karma?

The woman acts like the warrant was coincidental, but she knows she’s a deadbeat.

According to other reports, Forsenca said she and her husband have had the decal on their truck for almost a year.

“I thought the whole thing was totally crazy. It’s been on there for such a long time and we have so much positive out of it — more positive that outweighs the negative,” Karen Fonseca said.

Positive? In Texas?

But understand why Fonseca likely didn’t like President Trump given the chick has 12 kids.

I love that the sheriff tracked her sorry butt down on Facebook and wrote her up for some stupid Leftist ordinance. These same types of laws apply at universities, as I remember a guy getting arrested for a lot less.

As for getting outed on social media, Fonseca offered,

“I mean, look, y’all don’t know me and y’all found me. He could have done that at the same time, it is an invasion of privacy and everything else because he put me on blast on his Facebook Page,” explained Forsenca.

Privacy? Does this wench have any idea how many people can’t put positive Trump stickers on their cars to this day? Not because the president isn’t overwhelmingly supported, and he is. But because Leftists would destroy anybody willing to openly support the president.

The fact that her vehicle had its rear glass and hadn’t been torched is a testament to the good nature of Conservatives.

Leftist will soon learn that Obama is gone and America loves our new leader. Expect more stories like this, then fewer stories.



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