2018 Midterms will be BLOODBATH for Democrats

2018 Midterms will be BLOODBATH for Democrats

The Left tell you their fears by what they brag about.

Recently Fox News’ Chris Wallace declared that Republicans could lose 40 seats in the House.

 While appearing on Shepard Smith Reporting, Chris Wallace promoted “fake news” narrative of doom and gloom for the 2018 election.

He pointed to recent Democratic wins in the Virginia gubernatorial election and the Alabama Senate special election.

Partial Transcript:

“You see a very energized Democratic voter base, especially among suburban women, young people, minorities,” Wallace said.

“We’re an eternity away, it’s 11 months away, but this is going to be a tough election for Republicans,” he said. “And obviously, any effort of the president to pass his agenda would really be put in jeopardy were Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to take back control of the House.”

Chris Wallace is a Leftists. But because he’s on Fox News, people believe him to be Conservative.

Wallace isn’t the only Leftists who believes the Republicans chances dismal in 2018.

Five Thirty Eight reported,

Democrats had a really good night on Tuesday, easily claiming the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races, flipping control of the Washington state Senate and possibly also the Virginia House of Delegates, passing a ballot measure in Maine that will expand Medicaid in the state, winning a variety of mayoral elections around the country, and gaining control of key county executive seats in suburban New York.

They also got pretty much exactly the results you’d expect when opposing a Republican president with a 38 percent approval rating.

CNN gave the following talking points,

The signs are everywhere you look.
  • President Trump is at 37% approval nationwide
  • Democrats have a massive edge in the generic ballot, including a 14-point lead in the new CNN national poll
  • Deep divisions exist within the GOP between the Trump wing and the establishment wing
Political prognosticators are starting to take notice.

I suggest the Left chooses to ignore a few signs.

Christopher Cantrill agrees,

Democrats seem to be over the moon about their 2018 midterm prospects. They seem to think that they will clear the tables and get themselves a Trump impeachment. And maybe they are right.

There is another possibility. By November the Mueller investigation may be even more compromised than it is now by the counternarrative of an administration interfering with the opposition party’s campaign in a way that makes Watergate look like amateur hour. Oh, and the economy will be reaching into turbo mode from the tax cuts. And what will the Democrats do then, poor things?


Liberals really do live on another planet. The corporate tax cut was not intended as some cheap way to win votes or to benefit employees and voters in the here and now. It is simply an effort to lower the tax rate on corporate income down to generally accepted international levels approved by all card-carrying globalists…When corporations buy back their stock as they did in the Obama years they are simply saying that, what with all the taxes and regulations and head-winds from liberal sue-and-settle shenanigans, they have nothing better to do with their profits than buy back their stock.

But that was in the bad old days of a 35 percent corporate tax rate.

The Trumpists are betting that a 21 percent tax rate and expensing of capital expenditures will radically change the behavior of corporations and revive their animal spirits…

I have written that establishment Republicans seem to have gotten the message.

You would have been hard-pressed to find any Republicans who would believe Donald Trump would get massive tax cuts before Christmas. Add to this the fact that Obamacare lies on its deathbed, and incredulity is off the charts.

Why has this happened?

Because the Republican establishment, aka anti-Trumpers have seen enough. They witness the difference between a leader with a winning agenda, and  themselves.

Republicans lived 8 years under Obama, and indulged his every whim. Yet, these RINOs fought Trump at every turn, from the moment he won the nomination. At least until tax reform.

So what changed? Trump taught Republicans how to win. But what’s bigger than that is Trump taught Leftists how to lose.

I smile as I relive November 8, 2016. The night Democrats believed would be Hillary Clinton’s coronation. These people had NO concept of losing. They had won for 8 years, so what should be different?

The loss provided the Left with an eye-opening, brain-engaging experience. It had been 16 years since they felt anything close, when Bush beat Gore. But even that didn’t compare to this loss.

Interestingly, the Left ignored the loss of 1,000 Democratic seats under Obama, and yet they still felt like winner. Ironically, Republicans still felt like and acted like losers.

Since his election, President Trump rightfully reversed almost every major Obama policy.

The EPA has been decimated, as the U.S. shifts back to sanity in its energy policies.

Between rolling back the EPA and gutting Obamacare, President Trump has released an estimated $2 trillion back into the economy. Now he gets his tax cuts. Predictably, Democrats cried “Armageddon”. This cry of woe has become so standard that nobody hears it.

But that’s not their biggest mistake. The fact that 100 percent of Democrats voted against Trump’s tax cuts will be their undoing. So look at the Democrats’ gamble.

First, they bet against a winner.

Trump has proven that he can dismantle the media, the DC establishment politicians, as well as the Deep State.

Second, while under the most vicious attack in political history, Trump proves that he can grow an economy.

Again, Democrats predicted doom and gloom on his election. They claimed the stock market would crater, and the economy would sink into depression. The results proved the Democrats to be alarmists, as millions of Americans see their portfolios dance.

Trump then predicted he would get the economy zooming, easily achieving 3 percent GDP. Obama and others predicted that Trump couldn’t do it at all. And yet again Trump proved the Democrats to be incompetent, achieving 3 percent GDP twice, and signs indicate even higher GDPs for next quarter.

Third, President Trump appears to be just as genius at foreign policy as he is at domestic policy.

Even Obama’s State Department spokesperson finally admitted this.

 Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby, a retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, appeared on CNN for an interview. Kirby speaks to Wolf Blitzer, and shocks the CNN audience with his assessment of Trump’s foreign policy efforts in North Korea.

Partial Transcript:

WOLF BLITZER: “You do give the president some credit for squeezing the Chinese to put some pressure on North Korea.”

JOHN KIRBY: “I do…absolutely do. I mean, Him and his team, they have — look, if you told me a year ago, Wolf, that the Chinese would cut off all natural gas, that they would cut off importing seafood from North Korea, that they would put pressure on the oil exports to North Korea to the degree that they have, I would have laughed at you.

I didn’t think that that was possible. This administration has been able to do that. Now, again, there’s more work needs to be done. I am encouraged when I hear Secretary Mattis and Secretary Tillerson talk about diplomatic efforts being in the lead, and the fact that there’s still maneuver space to explore diplomatic options. That makes me feel a little bit better.”

To cut to the chase, the Democrats know what’s coming in 2018. A bloodbath for the Democrats.

They have one chance to avoid utter destruction. Support President Trump’s pro-America, pro-citizen agenda or else.



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