2018: The Year Leftists Come Out of Closet for Trump

2018: The Year Leftists Come Out of Closet for Trump

Donald Trump tied Obama’s first-year polling.

This revelation sent shockwaves through the Leftist establishment who worked diligently to prevent this from happening.

In typical Trump fashion, he reported what the fake news media would not.


If you enjoy poll spinning, check out the Washington Post’s attempt to soft-shoe the inevitable. They say that Rasmussen polling favors Republicans.

It’s as if these people forget that we know how the polling predicted Hillary Clinton would win…big!

But what does this latest Rasmussen poll really say.

First, with the understanding that we can’t believe the polls, we attach a BS-factor to it. All polls favors Democrats, including Rasmussen. Republicans are not poll-takers for the most part, as we are generally too busy. Working.

So, in reality, President Trump actually polls higher than Obama did at the end of his first year. Then consider how polling favored Obama at the end of his first year, because the Left were forced to continue the narrative that Obama was god.

Yet, the man had a horrible first year. From CNN Money, here is the report:

Jobs lost: 4 million
Unemployment: Rose from 7.8% to 9.9%
S&P 500: Ended the year at 1,115.10, up 23.5%
GDP: Down 2.8%

Contrast that with President Trump’s first year, again from CNN Money:

Trump took office with unemployment already low. But in his first year, the rate has fallen to its lowest point since 2000. GDP growth topped 3% in both the second and third quarters.

And the stock market continued to set record after record. The Dow rose about 5,000 points to nearly 25,000.

Trump ended the year with a tax cut he predicts will spur even greater economic growth.

Jobs created: 1.7 million
Unemployment: Fell from 4.8% to 4.1%
S&P 500: At nearly 2,700, up about 20%
GDP: Up an annual average of 2.5% over the first three quarters. The first estimate of the 2017 annual GDP number is due out in January.

CNN Money actually plays up the Obama economy, while downplaying the Trump economy in the article.

Despite claims that the Trump economy runs on the momentum of Obama, there are those fatal declarations by Obama and other economic naysayers.

Remember, Obama claimed that Trump couldn’t save Carrier, nor could he return manufacturing jobs to the U.S. TBS wrote recently on these issues:

Recall when Obama said Trump couldn’t save Carrier? Then President-elect Trump saved carrier with the ease of a surgeon removing a splinter. Yes, it was that easy.

The market responded.

Second, Obama said that Trump couldn’t bring back manufacturing jobs. Given Obama’s experience, who could blame him for such a proclamation. After all, Obama lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs in his final year as president.

When Trump got Ford to stay, and then the litany of other companies followed suit, the market responded.

Now we experience market numbers few thought possible in 8 years, much less one. Moreover, President Trump has added 171,000 manufacturing jobs in his first year. One can only imagine what Year 8 looks like, but indicators are positive.

So what of “the resistance”. They represent obstructionists who wish to prevent President Trump from accomplishing his agenda. As I said on my radio show, “Imagine what President Trump would accomplish if the Left actually helped?!”

Second, with respect to what the poll indicates, some people…correction, some Leftists now emerge from the shadows in support of Trump. This poll is public admission that Leftists actually like the policies of Donald Trump.

Note I said “policies”. That will be the “saving grace” for those who fess up.

You see, despite the protestations of the Left, most Conservatives found Obama amenable as a person, but hated his policies. Of course the Left took this as an opportunity to “racialize” the anti-Obama movement. But it simply wasn’t true. The man was elected overwhelmingly by whites, and yes even some whites who consider themselves Conservatives.

Such will be the case for white Leftists and shockingly some black Leftists. Soon you will see more polls indicating the amnesia of Barack Obama. And believe it or not, people will be happy to forget the man.

If the Republicans are smart, they will constantly remind people that Obama said manufacturing would never come back to America. Further, they will remind America that Obama spent $10 trillion to “buy” the fake economy. On the other hand, President Trump created real prosperity.

Whether the Republicans do this or not, we will. And so will Trump. So watch for the signs.

People will wear more Trump gear, like MAGA hats and so on. The media will begin to slowly report the good economic news. Democrats in Congress will begin to embrace the Trump economy as if it were their own.

At first Obama will appear more, and try to take credit. But he will be shut down, and eventually be forced to go away. Finally, Democrat will lose Congress in a bloodbath.

That’s what will happen in 2018.





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