8 Things Black Leftists Should NOT RUIN in 2018

8 Things Black Leftists Should NOT RUIN in 2018

I saw a BuzzFeed article about 37 things white people need to stop ruining in 2018. Of course the knee-jerk response is to say, “You couldn’t say that about black people.”

Admittedly, that statement is true. Because black Leftists are the “killer bees” of politics.

You don’t get stung by a couple of bees as a warning. Instead the whole hive must sting you repeated until you die. But the bigger picture involves the fact that many people of all colors click on such “buzz feeds” involving what white people need to correct. And if you are like me, I was curious what they would say of white folks.

When I did click the article, I could see right away that it was a tongue-in-cheek humorous critique of white people. I chuckled at a few of the characterizations, and thought to myself, “Too bad black people can’t laugh at ourselves.”.

Nope, black people would have read that title with black substituted for “white” and gone all “killer bee” on everything and everybody. Social media would have blown up.

1. Black Leftists need to LIGHTEN UP! Learn how to enjoy life.

Obama taught them how to be oppressed…about EVERYTHING! Well, those days are over, as Trump ushers in a new era. The era of prosperity, and guess what? It INCLUDES black people.

White Leftists have black Leftists angry about everything. What the hell does the average black care about “global climate change” for example. Or the protection of some obscure animal species?

The one that always gets me is how white enablers get blacks fighting for illegal Mexicans! You figure that one out.

2. Black Leftists need to stop acting like they love the Obamas and end the ruse.

They had 8 years under the worst president in history. Still, black Leftists pretend to enjoy those Obama ass-kickings. Look I get it. They wanted to support the black man. Congratulations, job well done, now stop pretending.

The only people who benefited under Obama were (1) the Obama, (2) people who donated BIG to the Obamas, and (3) mostly white people.

Black Leftists, you represent NONE of those things. But your weak asses needed Obama to make you feel whole, right?! Congratulations, black snowflakes!

3. Black Leftists need to stop being the attack animals of Democrats.

Whenever Democrats want to get something done, they trot out black people. Trump’s tax plan was called the worst legislation since, here it comes…the Fugitive Slave Act.

Democrats compared the government giving people their money back to slavery. And black people were happy to join in the song.

Trump fights to put black people’s money back in their pockets and the Democrats can get black Leftists to fight against that. That’s the equivalent of a man trying to return money you’ve dropped, and you want to fight him.

4. Black Leftists need to read between the lines of the Democrats’ “pat pat”, in the form of false praise.

Take the election of Doug Jones for example. Democrats were quick to thank black women for the victory. Why? Did Roy Moore molest underage black girls? No.

Better yet, ask yourselves what have the Democrats done for black women? Made them “head of household” for over well over 50 percent of black children.

5. Next, black Leftists need to stop believing that all blacks think alike and therefore should act monolithic.

Far too many blacks fear speaking out against insanity of the Left. Most Leftist policies leave black people sucking air. And the idea that blacks must behave in group-think showcases the abject ignorance of black Leftist.

Their battle cry is “You let down our people!”. One guy told me that because of my views black people don’t respect me. I responded, that I don’t give a crap if black people respect me, that I must respect myself. But I then dared him, obviously a respected man in the black community to announce that he had lots of cash on him and walk the streets of his town to see just how much respect he had in “the community.”

Black Leftists need to stop lying about “our people” sticking together and respecting one another. That is a LIE!

6. Black Leftists need to drop calling black Conservatives dumb ass names like “coon” or “Uncle Tom”

Talk about showcasing ignorance. There isn’t a black Conservative on the planet who hasn’t been called one of those names, and a lot more. I speak for many in saying, NONE of the name-calling impacts black Conservatives. We are impervious to that nonsense, in as much as quartz can’t cut diamond. But the silly Negroes continue doing it.

Almost daily I am in a social media debate with one of the Leftists’ trained monkeys, and invariably they call me a coon. Surprise. I looked at the guy’s page, and his head was so big, I didn’t respond to being called a coon, and asked him if he ever human-trafficked with that enormous head!?

I swear he could pack a Mexican family of 13 inside that noggin, and have room for their pets! He finally stopped tweeting with me.

My point? Calling Conservative blacks names is of no consequence, and eventually we will hit them where it hurts.

7. Black Leftists need to embrace Donald Trump.

Not doing so proves how easily led these blacks are. Frankly, President Trump has already done more for blacks in a year than Obama could have done in 100. And Trump does things for blacks the right way. He provides the opportunity to excel, and doesn’t just try to hand people a bunch of money.

To not embrace a president with this track record speaks to #2-5. Reread at your convenience.

8. Black Leftists need to stop making excuses.

If there was a boogeyman, his name is Barack. But now that silly Negro is gone, GROW THE F*CK UP!

America has a competent president (See #7), so now you have no excuses.

I’ll stop at eight.

But know there are many more things I could have written about black Leftism. 2018 will be an amazing year for those who embrace the new version of the old America.

The only thing stopping the success of almost any black person in America is himself.


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