Bill O’Reilly Exposes NEW Leftist Plot to Destroy Trump

Bill O’Reilly Exposes NEW Leftist Plot to Destroy Trump

The Democrats have been exposed anti-woman. And no matter who they retire from Congress, the truth haunts them.

With sexual harassment’s plaguing Leftists, they have no choice but to deflect, then point the finger of blame elsewhere.

And when Democrats’ back are against the wall, they will assign a scapegoat.

We’ve learned how Democrats commit atrocities then blame others. Republicans are far too willing to allow this transference which has occurred many times over the years.

Yet again we find such skulduggery on behalf of Democrats. Further, Bill O’Riley has evidence of the left plots against President Trump.

Bill O’Reilly just revealed to Newsmax stunning details of the “shocking” attempt to ruin President Trump’s reputation.

O’Reilly said his investigators had uncovered an audio recording of “an anti-Trump attorney” offering a $200,000 bribe to an identified woman to file false sexual harassment charges against Trump.

“It exists,” O’Reilly said. “We have urged the person who has the tape to hand it over to the U.S. attorney, because my investigative team believes there are three separate crimes on the audio tape.”

“It’s related to my situation,” O’Reilly added, “and when the tape emerges, you will see why. I can’t say any more than that, but it is related to my situation.”

Democrats tried this during the Election of 2016. Currently they try it again with Judge Roy Moore. Trump survived it, and I believe Roy Moore will as well.

The resignation of Franken signaled the Democrats’ strategy. They see his resignation as well as that of Conyers as airing the proverbial dirty laundry.

Interestingly in both these cases, Democrats stood by these men.

As we reported:

“Recently Nancy Pelosi declared Congressman John Conyers an icon. So what he’s embroiled in a sex scandal where he used taxpayer money to pay off his accuser. For Democrats, that’s scandal of IDOL proportion.

“John Conyers is an icon in our country. He has done a great deal to protect women – Violence Against Women Act, which the left — right-wing — is now quoting me as praising him for his work on that, and he did great work on that,” she added.”

Sheila Jackson Lee called Conyers an icon. Al Franken was said a while back to be a potential Democratic presidential contender. And now they want us to believe they are ashamed of their Icons.

Democrats yearn for such icons as Trump. Thus, the attempt to besmirch the man.

We reported recently of a Wikileaks email showing how the left plotted fake sexual assault by the president:

“The email chain shows a craigslist ad put out by the DNC. The purpose of the ads was to paint the Trump organization in a bad light at best. At worst, Trump was to appear to be a sexual predator:

Job requirements:

  • A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness for the boss’ satisfaction is a plus
  • Should be proficient in lying about age if the boss thinks you’re too old

 We’re proud to maintain a “fun” and “friendly work environment, where the boss is always available to meet with his employees. Like it or not, he may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.

Interested applicants should send resume, cover letter, and headshot to [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

The rest of the email chain is the DNC staffers discussing the ad to see if it’s worth the risk of a lawsuit.

“Hi Cate, The defamation risk here is too high. I know we are going for a parody, but given the content of the post (his private business practices, sexual harassment, etc) we would open ourselves up to a defamation suit if we posted.

These emails showcase desperation.

Back to Franken.

Franken used the opportunity to attack the president for his “sexual misconduct” as he was supposed to be apologizing to the American public for his behavior.

“There is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office,” he said, “and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.”

“But this decision is not about me, it’s about the people of Minnesota,” Franken declared.”

So what the Democrats do a disservice to the REAL victims of sexual assault. As we’ve learned about Democrats, they believe it’s ok to crack a few eggs for the greater good of the lie.


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