Black Women’s REVOLT AGAINST Democrats Coming

Black Women’s REVOLT AGAINST Democrats Coming

Black women were fooled into believing the Women’s Movement would help them. Instead, black women got more misery.

A lot more.

They watched as strong black men left the home, sick of the nonsense. Now black women find themselves raising children alone, and far too many living in poverty.

Because government played Daddy to both black women and their offspring, black women fell for the ruse. However, many are waking up to the reality that government is a crappy father and “baby daddy”.

But that won’t stop the Left from trying to keep black women on the plantation. And as Kira Davis points out,

The Alabama special elections are in the rearview mirror and our long national nightmare is finally over.

In a less than stunning (but still notable) victory, Doug Jones became the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the United States Senate in 28 years. It didn’t hurt that his opponent was an accused pedophile, but his victory also came in large part on the backs of black women voters – a fact Democrats did not fail to tout over and over again…and then over again.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez, in particular, sent out a giddy message of thanks to the black women who turned out in overwhelming numbers (98% of black women voters chose Jones) to vote.

The backbone of the Democratic Party? More like the “whipping girls” of the Democratic Party.

But there are signs things are changing. As New Republic writes,

Democrats are losing their most loyal voters: black women.

At a moment when so much attention is focused on how Democrats can win white working class voters who backed President Donald Trump, new data shows support for the party is slipping among itsmost reliable voters—94 percent of whom supported Hillary Clintonlast year. (Older black women in particular constitute the party’selectoral base.) According to a Black Women’s Roundtable/ESSENCE poll released on Wednesday, “The majority of Black women continue to believe in the Democratic Party, although the support dropped significantly in a year. In the 2016 survey, Black women overwhelmingly (85%) felt the Democratic Party best represented their interest.” That number fell to 74 percent this year.

These voters aren’t running into the arms of Republicans, of course—just one percent of respondents said the GOP best represents them. But the percentage of black women who said neither party represents them jumped from 13 percent in 2016 to 21 percent in 2017.

Moreover, the vote in Alabama wasn’t for Doug Jones, as the Democrats suggest.

Trump-hating fake news Washington Post wrote about this development:

On “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah asked correspondent Dulce Sloan if it’s been nice to see “black women’s contributions finally recognized.”

“Yes! We’ve been through so much!” Sloan said. “And you’re welcome, white people. But let’s be honest: We didn’t do it for you. We did it for ourselves. No black woman cast her vote going, ‘This one’s for Scott!’” she said as the audience cracked up.

I suspect the Trump administration sees the opportunity ahead. And they will soon address issues related to black women, and Trump policies will work.

The Democrats’ strategy of “charm” may have worked for them in the past. But black women want real results. And they will get them soon, under President Trump.


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