BOOM: Text Messages DEBUNK Sexual Accuser

BOOM: Text Messages DEBUNK Sexual Accuser

The feminists have overreached this time, as they want their cake and to eat it too.

Recently, sexual misconduct charges were leveled against four ESPN analysts. One of them decided to fight back.

As the New York Post writes,

ESPN has released text exchanges between former employee Adrienne Lawrence and “SportsCenter” anchor John Buccigross, who is at the center of the Boston Globe’s expository piece detailing the alleged mistreatment of women at the Worldwide Leader’s Bristol, Conn., compound.

Lawrence has accused Buccigross of “sending unsolicited shirtless photographs of himself and calling her ‘dollface,’ ‘#dreamgirl,’ and ‘longlegs,’” in the messages reviewed by the Globe. In response to the complaint she and a lawyer filed against ESPN over the summer, the network deduced the pair “had a consensual, personal friendship that spanned months.”

Though the shirtless photographs were omitted, the conversation, dated between June 4, 2016 through Sept. 7, 2016, ranges from discussing dinner meetings to music tastes and smiley face emojis. Buccigross calls Lawrence “dollface” and “doll” on three occasions.

ESPN maintains Lawrence’s allegations are “entirely without merit.”

Check out these text messages.


Partial Transcript of text message:

6-4-16 Hello, John! Here’s my number. Looking forward to connecting after the Cavs go up 3 !!

6-13-16 Hello! How’s this week look for you?

6-26-16 Happy Sunday! So now that Cleveland has a championship, what’s your availability look like for the week?

Buccigross: Hey, dollface! What did you have in mind? Tim of day,Ect (sic) ..whatever is copious/comfortable for you

Lawrence: On campus 10-4:30pm daily. Free outside of those times for off campus.

Buccigross: Tuesday is my one night I don’t work…I’m out of town til about 6pm(8-8:30 dinner) or we could do something close to after you done use  near campus..

Buccigross: Time wise

Lawrence: Dinner Tues works

Buccigross: Cool! I’ll be in Massachusetts at charity event from 9-4. I’ll be in touch as I drive back. Do you mind making reservation wherever you like. Dinner on me. Make it 830-845 just to make sure.

Lawrence: Sound good. Is West Hartford convenient or another township?

Buccigross: Whatever is best for you

The dinner occurred and she thanked him.

This was one of the many text messages investigated by ESPN, and they found Buccigross innocent of the charges. From the messages, one can clearly see that Lawrence had interest in Buccigross.

Of course, Lawrence released a statement after the text messages were released.

“As for ESPN’s recent behavior, its decisions to (i) single me out, (ii) ignore my key allegations, which ESPN knows are far broader than text messages and photos, and then (iii) release select, self-serving text messages, only further evidences the culture of this network and the lengths it will go and the unethical means it will employ to try and silence women,” she said in part.

You can bet that ESPN took this matter seriously, and they found this woman to be a liar. But what’s scary for men is the normalcy of this exchange.

How many female employees have you had innocent exchanges with? How long will you need to remember these day to day interactions? In other words, based on this allegations of Lawrence, no man is safe.

More cases like this will emerge, and they will set the women’s movement back to the Dark Ages.


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