China CAUGHT Illegally Selling Oil to North Korea

China CAUGHT Illegally Selling Oil to North Korea

We know China cheats. But at least now they will be held accountable.

While President Trump negotiates with other nations, he’s smart enough to realize that they will hold their best interests at heart. So this latest development likely gives him more ammunition to use with China.

As Fox News reports,

U.S. spy satellites reportedly captured photos of Chinese ships illegally selling oil to North Korean boats some 30 times since October.

Satellite images released by the U.S. Department of Treasury appeared to show vessels from both countries illegally trading oil in the West Sea, The Chosun Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing South Korean government sources.

Under Obama, the U.S. spying programs were pointed more at citizens than potential rogue nations, so you can expect they would have missed this.

But what if Obama had discovered that China violated the sanctions? More talk?

U.S. spy satellites have captured images of what appears to be Chinese ships illegally selling oil to North Korean boats. (U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control)

The article continues,

North Korea was barred in September by the United Nations Security Council from importing natural gas and had its crude oil imports capped in response to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear missile program.

The U.S. Treasury in November also sanctioned North Korea’s Maritime Administration and its transport ministry, in addition to six North Korean shipping and trading companies and 20 of their vessels, in an effort to block the rogue regime’s transportation networks.

The satellite images appear to identify the ships. One of them — Rye Song Gang 1, seen “connected to a Chinese vessel” — was included in the Nov. 21 sanctions as a vessel of Korea Kumbyol Trading Company possibly transferring oil to evade sanctions.

While Russia exports some oil to North Korea, China is the main source of oil for the rogue nation, according to Reuters. However, the country exported no oil products to the North during the month of November. It was reportedly the second consecutive month China didn’t export diesel or gasoline to North Korea.

What does this signal?

Are the Chinese openly defying America? Perhaps, but doubtful.

Is North Korea so desperate they would beg China for help. Perhaps, and much more likely.

As for potential actions by President Trump, I would love to be in the next meeting with the Chinese. I can see President Trump setting them up, pretending not to be too concerned about the violations. Then he subtly alludes to something near and dear to the Chinese; something they would not want to go.

Then more small talk. Next, again President Trump alludes to something critical to the Chinese. Meeting adjourned.

Know this violation will not go unpunished. But as with all negotiations with Asia, saving face for the Chinese will be key. You can bet the Chinese likely feel they have given quite a bit recently.

We documented one Obama high-level appointee, and his comments on President Trump’s handling of China:

 Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby, a retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, appeared on CNN for an interview. Kirby speaks to Wolf Blitzer, and shocks the CNN audience with his assessment of Trump’s foreign policy efforts in North Korea.

Partial Transcript:

WOLF BLITZER: “You do give the president some credit for squeezing the Chinese to put some pressure on North Korea.”

JOHN KIRBY: “I do…absolutely do. I mean, Him and his team, they have — look, if you told me a year ago, Wolf, that the Chinese would cut off all natural gas, that they would cut off importing seafood from North Korea, that they would put pressure on the oil exports to North Korea to the degree that they have, I would have laughed at you.

I didn’t think that that was possible. This administration has been able to do that. Now, again, there’s more work needs to be done. I am encouraged when I hear Secretary Mattis and Secretary Tillerson talk about diplomatic efforts being in the lead, and the fact that there’s still maneuver space to explore diplomatic options. That makes me feel a little bit better.”

Recall how the Left positioned Donald Trump as a hothead. Trump, they declared should not be trusted with the “football”; the nuclear switch. This type of talk has continued.

So President Trump is being tested by China. And you can bet he will pass with flying colors. Red, white, and blue!

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