Chris Matthews Makes CRAZY Comment about Democrats

Chris Matthews Makes CRAZY Comment about Democrats

In the wake of multiple Democrat scandals, Chris Matthews just made the most amazing proclamation I’ve heard in a while.

While holding a panel discussion on MSNBC regarding Senator Al Franken’s resignation, Matthews declared, “the Democrats are too pure”. 

Partial transcript:

MATTHEWS: Do you think the American public are now going to see the difference between the two parties?

The one publicly and with some pain have expressed belief in women’s rights to not being bothered by men, and it uh, it may, it cost them a senator they respected a lot; ho spoke their language a lot. And they’re willing to show they care about this issue to sacrifice somebody basically, like this they could have used in further arguments?

And the Republican Party, which we’ve just heard from the cynical voices of Newt Gingrich and and and uh at Laura Ingr Ingraham. I mean these people are quite openly saying they’re not going to use that standard, they’re not even going to apply the standard.

Jason, your thoughts about the possibly positive uh education that the public are gon, I don’t know how you can avoid the education in this. The worse you can say about the Democrats is they’re too pure, and that’s a stupid thing to say, but that’s the worst thing you can say about them, “These people set too high a standard for public office!”

Keep in mind that Chris Matthews is the man who got a tingle up his leg upon hearing a Barack Obama speech.

What planet must you be on to believe the Democrats are “too pure”.

And we wonder why they completely ignore the obvious scandals in Obama’s “scandal-free” administration? Further, how about all that has been revealed about the Democrats over the past year.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz colluded with the Clinton campaign against other Democrats. Moreoever, Wasserman Schulz days in the public eye are not over. She will soon face scrutiny about her involvement with the Awan Brothers and allowing the Muslim Brotherhood unfettered access to Democrats’ data.

Then there’s Donna Brazile. She obviously interfered in the debates, giving Hillary Clinton debate questions. What else did she do.

Barack Obama concocted a story about the Russians involvement in our elections. He did this so he could authorize the NSA to spy on Hillary Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump. When caught, the Obama administration used the FBI to cover for his and all of Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

Finally, and not because there isn’t much more, we get to the Democrat scoundrels who sexually assault. Sure, Conyers was forced to resign, and Franken sacrificed himself. But there remain many others. And that list of politicians for which American taxpayers forked over $17 million in payoff for sexual abuse victims looms large.

What Chris Matthews revealed by implying the Democrats are “pure” is that the Democrats are filthy stinking dirty.

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