Chris Wallace: ‘Republicans could lose up to 40 seats in House’

Chris Wallace: ‘Republicans could lose up to 40 seats in House’

Did Chris Wallace get a medical marijuana prescription? What is this man smoking?

While appearing on Shepard Smith Reporting, Chris Wallace promoted “fake news” narrative of doom and gloom for the 2018 election.

He pointed to recent Democratic wins in the Virginia gubernatorial election and the Alabama Senate special election.


Partial Transcript:

“You see a very energized Democratic voter base, especially among suburban women, young people, minorities,” Wallace said.

“We’re an eternity away, it’s 11 months away, but this is going to be a tough election for Republicans,” he said. “And obviously, any effort of the president to pass his agenda would really be put in jeopardy were Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to take back control of the House.”

Chris Wallace is a Leftists. But because he’s on Fox News, people believe him to be Conservative.

In his analysis, Wallace uses the twisted logic of Leftists, as they evaluate the “wins” of the two governors and Doug Jones as signs the tide turns. The Left so look for wins, they will take perceived wins as de facto wins.

Frankly, I love that Wallace said this, as you can imagine how well received this news was by the Left. They’ve needed to some lifeline since the election of President Trump.

As you consider their recent “wins”, remember how much money they spent in each of the races. With focused cheating and money-laundering in one-off elections, they can get the wins. But when they have multiple elections to pull their shenanigans, they struggle.

Already we know they can’t fundraise. Fundraising is one of the best indicators of the exuberance of your base. The Republicans have outpaced the left in fundraising 2 to 1. Back in July, Byron York reported fundraising numbers as follows:

The Republican president has a job approval rating around 40 percent. The GOP has an unfavorability rating around 56 percent. And Republicans trail Democrats by nine points in an average of “generic ballot” polls.

All of which makes it notable that the Republican National Committee is trouncing the Democratic National Committee when it comes to raising money, especially from small donors.

The numbers are striking. In June, the RNC raised $13.5 million to the DNC’s $5.5 million.

For 2017 so far, the RNC has raised $75.4 million to the DNC’s $38.2 million.

Have things gotten any better?

Late November, CNN reported the following:

National Republicans have raised upwards of $70 million more than national Democrats since Election Day — a $129 million vs. $58 million advantage — much wider than their advantage after George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004 and, obviously, leagues ahead of their advantage after losing the White House in 2008 and 2012.


National Republicans have more than $40 million more in the bank than the Democratic National Committee, ballooning from only a $10 million advantage immediately after the presidential election. Democrats now have just $5 million in the bank with $3 million in loans.

But don’t let this persuade Democrats that trouble lurks. After all, they won the Senate seat in Alabama…temporarily.

And let’s face it; Donald Trump makes it easy on them, or so they say.

The Democrats believe they will impeach President Trump. And of course their back-up plan still looms: RussiaGate.

The only problem is both these scenarios have as much probability as a snowball not melting in Death Valley on a hot summer day.

The Democrats point to their polls, and I do mean “their” polls. Democrats seem hell bent on reporting doom and gloom, as the economy booms. What can you not point to and show success?

Initially, the treasury will take a slight hit on tax cuts. However, once they truly kick in, and America has truly jettisoned Obama’s economy-killing legislation, the debt will begin to shrink, as should the deficit. But that’s a 2020 scenario.

As for 2018, Trump will continue to create jobs at a record pace. Prosperity will continue in America, and around the world. America will export success, as other countries find themselves changing policies to promote a safer and freer world.

Chris Wallace couldn’t be more wrong. But if he makes the Left believe they have set a winning strategy, I’m all for it. I actually love seeing the disappointment on their faces, as Trump Makes America Great Again.

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