Chuck Schumer GETS CREDIT for Another Terrorist Attack

Chuck Schumer GETS CREDIT for Another Terrorist Attack

Leftist policies get people killed. And when there are no consequences, Leftists continue their trail of destruction.

It should surprise no one that the perpetrator of the latest attack in New York City benefited from idiotic policies of Leftists.

As The Daily Caller reports,

The alleged perpetrator behind a Monday bombing attack in New York City benefited from chain migration.

Akayed Ullah, 27, is the alleged perpetrator in the attack that left four, including him, wounded. Ullah is from Bangladesh and has lived in the U.S. since 2011.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houlton tweeted that Ullah is a “Lawful Permanent Resident from Bangladesh who benefited from extended family chain migration.”

TBS wrote of chain migration in the aftermath of the last New York City terror attack:

The diversity visa program has its roots in the Immigration Act of 1990, a bipartisan bill passed in late 1990 that sought to increase and restructure immigration into the U.S.

Earlier in 1990 while a member of the House of Representatives serving on the House immigration subcommittee, Chuck Schumer introduced the Employment-Related Immigration Act of 1990. Part of that bill called for a special category of visas to be offered annually to “diversity immigrants” from “low-admission regions.” This was Schumer’s attempt to offer the American Dream to under-served areas of the world. The irony of this proposal is that Democrats chastise America for exporting our way of life, but gladly offer it for import.

Part of the Emplyment-Related Immigration Act of 1990 got folded into the Family Unity and Employment Opportunity Immigration Act of 1990. And, according to the bill summary,

“[p]rovides for preference allocation systems for admission of family-sponsored, employment-based, and diversity immigrants, respectively. Bases diversity immigration on identification of low-admission states and regions.”

The bill was mostly partisan with 32 co-sponsors, including Schumer and seven Republicans. The bill passed the House 231-192 with a majority of Democrats voting for it, and a majority of Republicans against it.

Yet New Yorkers continue to elect Chuck Schumer and other Leftists, despite the dangers.

Check out how Leftists have exploded the number of Democrat voters and terrorists right under our noses.

For the first time, the White House said, the federal government has counted the green cards issued between 2005 and 2015 to migrants admitted through family preference, or as immediate relatives of migrants already admitted into the country in perhaps the fullest portrait of “chain migration” ever developed.

“For years, we’ve known that large numbers of immigrants have been coming based on petitions from previous immigrants,” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Lee Cissna told Fox News. “But this is the first time we really kind of see the whole scope of the problem. And legislators or policymakers at DHS can do what they need to do address the problem.”

During the ten-year time frame, officials said, the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties.

That’s more than 70 percent of all new immigration in that period, the White house said, adding it is also the primary driver of low-skilled workers’ entry into the U.S. A phenomenon analyst say most directly hurts American minority groups with comparable skills.

You can bet that Leftist administrations wanted to keep these numbers a secret. But President Trump promised to drain the swamp.

And in doing so, he’s pulling back the curtains on the Democrat scandals. So for the first time in my adult life the statistics the government keeps on ethnicity backfired on the fed.

Another political first by President Trump.

I argued with Marie Harf on Outnumbered about this program. She asked me to prove that the 23 people the previous New York City bomber brought over on chain migration were terrorists. I pushed back, “Prove to me they aren’t.”



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