Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Drops to All-Time Low

Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Drops to All-Time Low

It seems all the efforts at making Hillary Clinton into a post-apocalyptic rock star for the Left have failed.

Instead of Hillary Clinton gaining stature and popularity, her “star” tarnishes.

According to Fox News,

Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings have hit an all-time low, reflecting the sustained scrutiny the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee continues to face even after her election loss.

According to a new Gallup Poll measuring Clinton’s favorability from Dec. 4 through Dec. 11, Clinton’s rating is down 5 points since June — to just 36 percent. Her unfavorable rating is at 61 percent, a new high.

I know, right! Shocker. Given all that Hillary Clinton has done for mankind.

And then there’s the fact that ex-presidents always get a boost after they leave of…oh wait: Hillary Clinton was never president!

Sorry Leftists; I shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up.

Just so we’re clear, the Left attempted to torpedo then-candidate Trump. They tainted him with the very scandal in which Clinton and her surrogates were embroiled. They counted on Clinton’s election to sweep things under rug.

And then came President Trump.

Remember, he was the least popular president ever to take office. That’s if you believe those pesky polls. As for this poll, the article continues,

President Trump’s numbers are in about the same place. The survey show Trump’s favorability at 35 percent during the same time period.

Trump has suffered from low approval ratings for most of the year. But it is surprising for a candidate not in office to see such a ratings slump.

That’s as close to an admission of polling malfeasance as it gets for pollsters.

Trump, true rock star performance remains the same, but “surprising” slump for one of the biggest political crooks in history?

The only people shocked by these polls live in Antarctica. Because nobody, including brain-dead Leftists are surprised to learn what they already knew.

Clinton wasn’t popular when she ran for president. We chronicled multiple times where Hillary Clinton went practically unnoticed, pre and post-election:

If you want to know how important Hillary Clinton, we have your answer.

Check out Hillary Clinton gallivanting around New York City, and nobody around her gives a crap.

Hillary Clinton is so unknown that she doesn’t need secret service, except perhaps to make sure she doesn’t pass out.

Although the Left tried to convince us that Clinton is the most popular woman in America, most of us knew the deal.

We documented Clinton’s popularity during the campaign, but the Left ignored us.

Hillary Clinton is not popular. Look at this graphic and you can see how Hillary’s hype is manipulated by the media.

Remember when she began her “listening tour,” and stopped at a restaurant. Nobody knew her or cared. I quipped at the time that Kim Kardashian could beat Hillary Clinton, if Kardashian ran.

The only hype over Hillary Clinton is with politicos, and they just fear for their lives, as nobody crosses the Clintons politically and lives to tell about it.

The Left know they must fabricate a Hillary Clinton narrative, and the ONLY way Hillary Clinton can win an election is to cheat, pure and simple.

Shortly after her “listening tour,” Clinton relaunched her campaign, and they have the overflow area for her announcement. The site was empty, and so was much of the “flow” area.

You know the writing is on the wall, when the Leftist pollsters abandon you.

This poll warns Clinton and others what looms in 2018, unless she goes away.

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