SHOCKING: CNN ADMITS Trump Most Consequential President of the Modern Era

SHOCKING: CNN ADMITS Trump Most Consequential President of the Modern Era

CNN’s Michael Smerconish needs a bodyguard.

After what he said about President Trump’s first year in office, the Left will want him shot on sight.

In the opening to his show, Smerconish called President Trump the most consequential president of the modern era. Consider the impact of a CNN anchor recognizing the obvious. The fake news network admitting that President Trump, “for better or worse” as Smerconish puts it, has impacted America in profound ways.

Partial transcript:

SMERCONISH: “But there’s a temptation in those observations to conclude that his administration, the passage of the tax bill notwithstanding, is static, gridlocked. That nothing is getting done in a polarized climate. That would be a mistake.

In fact, if the pace of change continues for the duration of Trump’s presidency, however long that might be, I think he could become the most consequential president in the modern era. Consequential meaning most important and significant. Having the biggest overall impact. As with the criteria that “Time” magazine uses when determining its person of the year.

Smerconish points out that he’s not saying all these are good things. He knows his audience, and they can’t perceive him as siding with President Trump in any way. Thus Smerconish presents the facts as “like it or not”, Trump changed things.

He continued,

This is not necessarily a good thing. Think about it. A Supreme Court position that was by rights a democratic pick, instead went to trump. And his influence on shaping the federal judiciary is far greater than just Neil Gorsuch on the nation’s highest court.”

Afterwards, Smerconish discussed President Trump’s Federal Court judge appointments.

We wrote of these appointments recently.

But the biggest changes remain somewhat unseen. And it has to do with the judiciary. Trump is a judge appointing machine.

According to the Washington Times,

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that he hopes to have a total of 12 judges confirmed by the end of the year.

“The principal way we’re changing America is through the court system. Not only [Justice] Neil Gorsuch, I saved that seat for the next president, and it turned out to be Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton. We also have a record number of vacancies in federal and district courts going back to the 1950s,” Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“We’re rapidly filling them. Let me tell you the definition of rapidly. We’ve already done nine circuit judges this year. Barack Obama did three in his first year, and he had 60 Democratic senators,” the senator explained.

Mr. McConnell added that he hopes to have another three judges confirmed before the end of the year bringing the total to 12.

He also said the confirmation process for non-Cabinet members may be changing due to the slow nature of getting nominees through the Senate.

As I watched Smerconish, I felt he wasn’t actually thinking “for worse” in “for better or worse”. I got the impression that he sees Trump as good.

He wouldn’t be the first high-ranking Leftist to change his tune on the president.

We reported that Obama’s State Department Spokesperson John Kirby was pleasantly surprised at what President Trump has accomplished in China:

JOHN KIRBY: “I do…absolutely do. I mean, Him and his team, they have — look, if you told me a year ago, Wolf, that the Chinese would cut off all natural gas, that they would cut off importing seafood from North Korea, that they would put pressure on the oil exports to North Korea to the degree that they have, I would have laughed at you.

I didn’t think that that was possible. This administration has been able to do that. Now, again, there’s more work needs to be done. I am encouraged when I hear Secretary Mattis and Secretary Tillerson talk about diplomatic efforts being in the lead, and the fact that there’s still maneuver space to explore diplomatic options. That makes me feel a little bit better.”

I want to go back to how Smerconish began his segment, referring to an article by Mike Allen, who claimed the Trump administration was “stagnant”.

Smerconish said of the article, [pp], “The same number of people support the president now, who did when he was elected.” Thus, the writer still believes the polling that show Trump losing. I won’t scoff, but the comment deserves it.

Next, Smerconish references the unrelenting Russia probe. He described it as “constant”. Fine, but where does that probe now point? Back at the crooked FBI, and all the Clinton surrogates. In all likelihood, this probe could be the undoing of Barack Obama.

The next point was Trump’s war with the media. Who’s winning that war? At best it’s a tie. But most people would say that President Trump wins that war. This very segment proves he’s winning the war. Every time a business channel reports on the stock market, the president wins. And when they discuss unemployment numbers, ergo the latest jobs report.

And what the media misses, Trump makes up with Twitter, one of the “stagnant” items referenced by Smerconish.

Most interestingly in the “nothing getting done” was the drive-by done on passage of tax bill. The tax bill represented a monumental achievement, and not just in policy. President Trump got ALL Republicans to support this legislation. This cohesive act done by a group of people who mostly hated him. Further, the president got Democrats to draw a battle line. Not a single Democrat voted for this package, which will be their undoing for at least the rest of the Trump reign, undoubtedly 7 more years, unless God intervenes because the Democrats can’t stop him.

To Smerconish’s credit, he recognizes what’s happening, as he admits, if pace of change continues Trump might preside over the most consequential presidency in modern times.

CNN, admitting as much on national TV.

As the midterm elections approach, imagine how things will shape up as CNN comes to even more realizations about President Trump.




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