CNN Analyst SHOCKING Admission: Attacks on FBI JUSTIFIED [VIDEO]

CNN Analyst SHOCKING Admission: Attacks on FBI JUSTIFIED [VIDEO]

When CNN admits on-air that attacks on the FBI are justified, you know it’s going to be a rocky 2018 for the Left.

And CNN analyst Paul Callan did just that. Check out the interview:

Consider the ramifications of CNN actually telling the truth about the state of America going into 2018. And as you consider that, imagine life as we know it with the media actually doing its job, and reporting facts.

The election of President Trump represents a catastrophe for the Deep State with an anti-Trump media. But if the media merely provides unbiased news, the Deep State as we know it ends abruptly.

Callan lays out the bread crumbs, so that even the most stupid Leftist could follow the story.

He begins with Peter Strzok providing evidence of bias towards then-candidate Trump. And that was only the beginning.

We currently have as many as 8 FBI agents who’ve either been reassigned or outright fired.

We wrote of James Baker’s recent departure.

The Left tried to sneak this one in on us. But the swamp draining at the FBI continues.

As the Washington Post reports,

The FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, is being reassigned — one of the first moves by new director Christopher A. Wray to assemble his own team of senior advisers as he tries to fend off accusations of politicization within the bureau.

Baker told colleagues he will be taking on other duties at the FBI, according to people familiar with the matter. In recent months, Baker had been caught up in a strange interagency dispute that led to a leak probe and attracted the attention of senior lawmakers, but people familiar with the matter said the probe had recently ended with a decision not to charge anyone. The leak issue had not played a part in Baker’s reassignment, these people said.

Baker’s departure came on the heels of Peter Strzok’s “reassignment”. He too will eventually be fired.

As Brian Joondeph follows the bread crumbs on American Thinker:

The Trump-Russia collusion investigation is on life support.  After months of investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his army of highly partisan investigators, spending millions of taxpayer dollars, all Mueller has to show for his efforts is a handful of process crimes that have nothing to do with the original allegations that the Trump campaign worked with Putin to influence the 2016 election.

With 90 percent of media coverage negative toward President Trump, you can be certain that if Trump conspired with Russia to hack the election, these same media would have long ago found evidence of collusion.  But they haven’t, have they?  Instead, they hyperventilate over nonsense, such as a truck blocking their view of Trump’s golf course, now a three-day story for CNN.

In reality, the only collusion was a bunch of Obama imbeds, scheming and conspiring to drag their coughing and collapsing candidate across the finish line by interfering with the right of Americans to choose their next president.  Then there was a bogus dossier, created as opposition research, used by the FBI and DOJ as a “national security matter” to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on candidate Trump and his family and associates.

Back to the interview.

The CNN anchor, Poppy Harlow can’t reel this guy in fast enough. She attempts on a couple of occasions to get Callan to stick with the narrative, but he doesn’t.

This bodes well for President Trump and America in general in 2018. Let’s see if CNN continues to allow its viewers to learn the truth.


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