CNN HISSY FIT: BLOCKED from Filming President Trump Golfing [VIDEO]

CNN HISSY FIT: BLOCKED from Filming President Trump Golfing [VIDEO]

CNN now stalks President Trump!

The president golfs, and CNN tries to harass him. Talk about WINNING!

When fake news CNN is so desperate for Trump news, they claim it’s their responsibility to film such activities. The Fake News Network became upset when a box truck arrived at President Donald Trump’s golf course and blocked their view. According to CNN, the truck was put there specifically to obscure their view.

Partial Transcript:

You know our job down here is to cover the president to tell our viewers what he is doing on a daily basis.

Over the last few days, we’ve gotten video of the President golfing at his nearby golf club here in West Palm Beach. There is a break in the hedges, really. The President doesn’t really and his staff doesn’t tell us when he is golfing. And we have taken to going outside the golf course and filming him as he golfs through the break in hedges near the club.

Today, a big white box truck parked in front of those hedges trying to obscure our view of the president. Now this may seem trivial, but it is important to get video of the president as he does these things on a daily basis.

Certainly, because what the president does in his private time is the country’s business.

For example, if the president were to receive fellatio from a young intern hiding under his Oval Office desk, then CNN has a right to know! Oh wait…CNN might call that “his personal business”.

But as Dan Merica continues, there remains the bigger picture:

And it gets to something that is larger.

The president and the White House has tried to obscure the fact that President Trump golfs on a regular basis. According to our count, he has visited one of his golf courses 87 times, as president. This is a man who ran for president, who criticized President Barack Obama regularly for golfing during his presidency. But that criticism hasn’t continued into the Trump presidency.

President Trump has regularly visited these golf courses that he owns. And White House aides have been hesitant to ever confirm that he is golfing, and this box trucks and the video that we have is yet another example of the White House trying to obscure the fact that he is golfing.

Just so we are clear.

President Trump visits his own properties, where he may or may not golf. Apparently CNN believes golfing constitutes a matter of national security, thus the need to report how much golf the president may or may not play.

Note how Merica says, he “visited” his properties 87 times. So he’s unsure if Trump golfs each time or not.

But what’s really shocking is that Merica says it’s CNN’s job to know what the president is doing. This statement coming from a fake news network who reports 90 percent negative news on President Trump, and gleefully overlooks what many believe to be the best Year One presidential accomplishments in modern history.

We wrote just on Trump’s economic policy:

But as the anti-Trump American Spectator admits, things are very different under President Trump.

The economy is booming. Stephen Moore details all the ways it’s booming and all the ways the media was wrong:

But so far the Trump haters have missed the call on the trajectory of the economy. Their lousy track record is relevant to the debate over the tax bill, because Mr. Trump’s critics are still accusing the White House of predicting wild-eyed rates of growth — egads, 3 percent — over the next decade to camouflage the fiscal effects of the tax cut.

Doubly ironic is that the same Obama-era economists — Mr. Summers, Mr. Kruger and Mr. Furman — who are trashing Mr. Trump’s increasingly realistic forecast of 3 percent growth — are the ones who predicted 4 percent plus growth from the Obama budgets. Mr. Obama never came anywhere near 4 percent growth and at the end of his term growth was trickling down at a pitiful 1.6 percent.

So the same people who accused Mr. Trump’s team of “low standards of integrity” for predicting 3 percent growth were the ones who forecast much faster growth from Mr. Obama — while he was raising taxes. Amazing.

The sharp-penned Paul Krugman of The New York Times declared the 3 percent Trump growth forecast as an act of “economic arrogance.” He mocked the Trump forecast saying that the productivity improvement necessary for faster growth was as likely as “driverless flying cars arriving en masse.”

An L.A. Times business article from earlier this year was titled: “If Trump thinks he can get more than 3 percent economic growth, he’s dreaming.”

But Trump is presiding over 3-plus percentage growth.

Yet CNN’s Keith Boykin explains the economy as such:

But the reality is much different from the picture the President paints. In fact, it turns out he is a much better salesman than statistician.

The US economy has created 1.9 million jobs so far this year, according to Trump’s own Labor Department. That’s not bad, but during the same period, from January through November of last year, the economy created nearly 2.1 million jobs. Trump took office on January 20, 2017, but even if you remove January from the equation, the numbers still favor Obama. From February to November last year, the economy created 1.96 million jobs. During the same period this year, it created 1.7 million jobs.

Jobs are not “roaring back,” as Trump claims. The job market is actually underperforming compared to last year. Average monthly job growth was 190,000 in the first 11 months of 2016, according to BLS. This year BLS figures show it has fallen to 174,000 per month.

Nice try, Keith. If only Obama and other Leftists hadn’t said that Trump would NEVER reach 3 percent GDP.

In CNN’s defense, they at least pointed to polls that show Americans know the reason for the economy, and it’s not residue of Obama. That’s the residue you find on the bottom of your shoe after playing in the back yard.

Those numbers don’t lie. Month by month, people realize who’s responsible for the economic upturn. And they know it’s not Obama.

But don’t expect CNN to explain the number of bad guys arrested by ICE and deported. They have too many stories of “Dreamers” contributing to society. And what of the Muslim attacks thwarted by DHS?

Think CNN wants America to know about the FBI agents being fired, almost weekly? Or what of President Trump’s foreign policy exploits?

Apparently, what CNN believes America needs to know if President Trump’s golf handicap.






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