Democrat Fakes Frauds and Charlatans

Most Democrats are fakes. They get mad when I tell them the truth about themselves.

Democrats purport to be something they are not. The are worthless imitations passed off as genuine. Take former President Barack Obama.

He proved to be the biggest fake ever. Obama was such a fake that he continues to force Democrats to revere him. Democrats don’t dare throw him to the wolves, or they lose their party. And they detest discussing his record on non-achievement.

Obama faked everything.

His name. And yes his credentials. Democrats were so enamored with their “shiny Negro” they lost all sensibilities.

And what of Hillary Clinton? Democrats said of Hillary Clinton’s certain election: “She would be the smartest president ever!”

The woman who failed the bar exam in DC represents the potential smartest president ever. She wasn’t even the smartest “sheister” ever.

Elizabeth Warren faked being an Indian, while Rachel Dolezal faked being black. The entirety of Democrats in Congress fake caring about their constituents.

And know that all these Leftists clowns pumped up their fake resumes.

If they served in the military, they lie about their medals or their valor. If they worked at a corporation, they alone saved the company from failure.

Leftists begin faking early, and lucky for them other Leftists charted a course for them.

They go to the colleges and universities they deem the best. They claim only their diplomas matter. In fact, it’s Daddy who gets them the “great” schools and the cushy jobs. And Daddy makes sure his children are successful by greasing the skids.

The kid is credited with success, and the university brags, and the vicious cycle repeats.

Meanwhile, your child goes to a “state” college or university. Your student plays by the rules, works hard, studies harder all to say, “My school was the Harvard of the West” or wherever. Because Ivy League is the measuring stick.

The people who built America mostly did NOT go to Ivy League schools, but don’t let that fact interfere with your reverence for Ivy League schools.

Next, Leftists give themselves lots of awards. Can’t go claiming success unless other people know about it.

Ask yourself what exactly is an Emmy? It’s stars validating each other’s work.

Oh, they pretend that some independent body makes the decision on who’s the best “whatever”. But in the end, it’s just stars politicking to get recognition for a useless endeavor in the scheme of things.

Who does this? Outside of say a lifetime achievement for a body of work, what business does this? A doctor might get an award for a ground-breaking surgical technique, but an award for METHOD ACTING?

How is the world changed, when somebody fake cries on film? It’s entertaining, but guess what…Life is FAR better! Watch The First 48 and see how a mother reacts when the cops tell her, her son or daughter has been murdered. The best acting can’t compare.

Watch one of these shows where the police sting a woman who wanted to have her husband killed? She her “overact” and you get the picture. Reality is far better than the drivel of Hollywood. Hollywood needs retakes and special effects. Their stories need a score, an added emotional level so that they insure you understand the emotion. Real life doesn’t need that. And real life doesn’t get any awards or fat paychecks.

But Hollywood does have its reality “stars”. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Hollywood, but I know that the so-called stars DETEST the so-called “reality” stars, almost as much as they detest Weinstein…getting caught.

The reality stars didn’t TRAIN to act. They just do essentially the same job as “actors” for far less money. In fact, in many cases in order to BE a reality star, you or your husband had to have made it. So, you’re rich to begin with.

Here’s another interesting Hollywood irony.

While Hollywood likes to lecture us about paying our taxes and stepping on the little man, it certainly LOVES to flaunt wealth in our faces. Rich Housewives and other BLING shows prove just how under-privileged most of America is. And let’s be honest, most of these shows are about women with rich husbands. Women riding the coattails of men. 

When will Hollywood showcase a show of men gold-diggers. Check that, I’m sure there’s at least one.

Interestingly, even the “reality” shows in Hollywood are fake. If you ever watch even one of them, you’re left feeling sorry for the people. The women are superficial and catty, and the men are boneheads for putting up with them.

Hollywood showcases quintessential Leftism in almost everything it does these days. Gone are shows like The Waltons, where the drama happened with John Boy needed to discuss where he might “run off to college”. Or Mary Ellen consider allowing Mr. Greeley’s boy to “court her”.

Those feel good shows are a far cry from the back-stabbing, two-timing shows of today. On the occasion I watch any of this Leftist nonsense, I am always glad to know I have true friends in this world, and not what Hollywood tells me are friends.


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