WHITES ONLY: Democrats’ Dirty Secret in Protecting Sex Abusers

WHITES ONLY: Democrats’ Dirty Secret in Protecting Sex Abusers

The Democrats are amazing at cloaking their racism.

As I’ve documented, Democrats are highly segregated in their politics. For example, non-whites can not be in control of a gerrymandered mostly black district. That district MUST go to a black Democrat.

The same is true of Latinos. And with Latinos, the distinctions get more granular. For example, Puerto Ricans can’t be in charge of Cubans or Mexicans. And vice versa. And of course, whites at the Congressional level can’t be in charge of any minority, only whites.

Asians suffer the same fate, though Asians tend to not be quite a monolithic a voting bloc as blacks and Latinos.

So when the sex abuse scandals hit, the Democrats showcased their racism like clockwork.

Conyers was accused of sexual misconduct by one woman. Then another. I’m not sure what the count is, but it’s not that high. At first Pelosi called the man an “icon”. However, later she suggested he step down. Now we have another Democrat congressman accused of sexual abuse. Again Pelosi asked that he step down.

As the New York Post reported,

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that Nevada Rep. Ruben Kihuen should resign after a report of a sexual misconduct 

Pelosi issued a statement after a woman told BuzzFeed that the Democratic congressman harassed her and made sexual advances during his 2016 congressional campaign.

“In Congress, no one should face sexual harassment in order to work in an office or in a campaign,” Pelosi said.

“The young woman’s documented account is convincing, and I commend her for the courage it took to come forward.

“In light of these upsetting allegations, Congressman Kihuen should resign.”

Justice was swift for Ruben Kihuen. But why?

I think I know why.

Politico reported of members of the Congressional Black Caucus inquiring about the double-standard:

Black lawmakers are hearing growing calls for Rep. John Conyers to resign and wondering why Sen. Al Franken isn’t getting the same treatment.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have been privately airing concerns about a double standard within Democrats’ ranks since sexual harassment allegations against Conyers, the longest-serving House member and a founder of the CBC, first surfaced last week. Their concerns were thrust into the open Thursday when Conyers’ lawyer hinted that Conyers was being treated differently than Franken because of race.

“Nancy Pelosi is going to have to explain what is the discernible difference between Al Franken and John Conyers,” Arnold Reed, Conyers’ attorney, told reporters after the House Minority Leader said Conyers should resign.

The fact is I don’t know much about Kihuen or Conyers. But I do know that their districts have been locked in.

If either of these men is replaced, another racist of the same ethnicity will fill that void. The Democrats are in no danger of losing those seats.

However, if Franken is replaced, a Republican will win that seat. Minnesota has had enough of Franken, a man for whom Democrats stole an election.

When it comes to the crown jewels of politics, the embattled Senate seats go to whites only.

And it’s not just political Leftists women speaking up for Franken.

Tweeden’s story and picture alone should be more than enough for any doubters of harassment.  However, Leftist activist, and Huffington Post columnist, G.S. Potter claims Tweeden is no victim.  Potter writes:

I am sick that people like Leeanne Tweeden feel comfortable enough to take the traumas of the women and children that have been the true victims of sexual violence and used them for her own personal gains and the political goals of the Republican Party.

What Leeanne Tweeden has done is stolen the very real traumas of very real survivors — people like me — and mocked them…taken our pain and our bravery and our strength and exploited it on behalf of a network of people that actively prey on the women and children she is pretending to show solidarity with. What she is doing is vile and it is disgusting and it is dangerous on every personal and political level associated with sexual assault in the United States.

Perhaps if she was, in fact, a survivor of sexual assault she would understand the damage that is being caused by her actions. But she is not a survivor. And she is definitely not a victim of Al Franken.

Leeanne was never raped. She was never assaulted.

And she was never the victim of sexual violence or harassment. She was a willing and active participant in a comedy show that involved sexualized behaviors…consented to participating. She actively engaged in and invited similar behaviors with other performers other than Al Franken at the event.

Leanne Tweeden was a consenting and contracted performer for the USO then, just as she is a contracted performer for the right wing now. She was not then and is not now a survivor. She was not then and is not now a victim of Al Franken.

Leeanne Tweeden was not then and is not now a victim. A very large part of me wishes she had been, though.

Yet Potter is not alone.

Outside of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who called Conyers a “patriot”, not many women are coming to his defense.

In the iconic words of Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?”

Conyers and Kihuen make great scapegoats for Pelosi to pretend she wants justice for women. She couldn’t care less. Her actions showcase politics as usual.

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