Christmas Canceled in Denmark: Danes Afraid of Muslims

Christmas Canceled in Denmark: Danes Afraid of Muslims

 A Danish school sparked the controversy surrounding Christmas after cancelling long-held tradition.

Apparently we’re not teaching kids diversity. We’re teaching them to cower down whenever Islam commands us. 

Let’s face it. Schools are rarely places filled with citizens of homogenous backgrounds. In fact, educational institutions are the world’s most authentic melting pots. For the past fifty years, schools crafted diversity appreciation. But now, none of that matters. Instead, we should cancel Christmas in honor of the Muslim children.

The tiny Danish town know as Graested just landed in the middle of a national debate. The school district decided to scrap their long-standing Christmas program always held in the local church. Many see the change as a concession to Islam after the district announced their reasoning. Apparently, the program was canceled because “not all children are Christians”. Of course, the different religions among the student body never presented an issue before Muslim children attended the school.

Traditions Tossed

According to several reports, the district actually made this decision last spring. However, parents were never informed until recent inquires brought the issue to light. Both citizens and politicians are outraged by the decision.

As Sputnik News explains:

The two main points of criticism are that canceling Christmas service undermines a long-standing Danish tradition and constitutes “taking a knee” to Islam, as the very same school last year held a “Syrian week” during which pupils learned about the Muslim faith and the holy month of Ramadan, tried Syrian food and danced Syrian dances, the Den Korte Avis outlet reported.

It sounds like somebody got a candy cane shoved up their ass. How is it fine and dandy for students to learn about Ramadan, but apprehensible to acknowledge the birth of Christ? Furthermore, Christmas has morphed into a holiday that embraces more than Christianity. It’s the season where people focus on peace and goodwill. Christmas is the time of charity.

There once was a time when no one needed permission to celebrate Christmas. Now, it seems we can only celebrate Islamic style.

Even “Deck the Halls” is being destroyed with Islamic influence.

This isn’t “someone else’s problem.”

We’d love to say Denmark is the only place where children are being subjected to indoctrination. Just a few weeks ago we brought you the story of Nashville middle-schoolers forced to visit a mosque. Under the guise of innocent religious talks, the school directed students to embrace the practices of Islam.

Dina Sirois, operations director of the mosque, told students they would “talk about beliefs and practices in Islam.” Then she systematically insinuated Islam is superior to Christianity and Judaism. Her remarks were not at all the balanced, open interpretation she pretended they were. In fact, woven in her seemingly factual presentation were the subtle negative attacks against Judaism and Christianity.

For example, after reciting the Islamic testimony in Arabic, Sirois translated it -“I bear witness that there is only one god wherever he is worshipped and that Mohammed is the last of the prophets,” explaining that:
That’s it – that’s all you have to do to become a Muslim. Boom, you’re a Muslim. It’s very simple. There’s no baptism, no dunking under water which for me, I remember having to hold my nose and I looked weird.
Threaded throughout the talk were selectively incomplete details of Islamic religious doctrine such as:
We do believe that Jesus Christ will be resurrected. He will go head to head with the anti-Christ and he will deliver us to the kingdom of heaven. Does that sound familiar to any of you? Uhmmmm.

Sirois failed the mention many of the facts we know about Islam.

Sirois omits the Quran’s claim that unlike Jews and Christians, Muslims do not believe that Jesus was crucified and died, but rather, ascended to their god, Allah and that when Jesus is resurrected, he will “be against them [Christians and Jews] a witness [for believing in his death].”

She also failed to mention the treatment of Muslim women. For example, they can’t own property, drive cars, or show their faces. They are often brutally raped and traded like property.

Indoctrinating Children

It’s bad enough to lie about the fundamentals of being a Muslim. It’s worse to indoctrinate children. However, that’s the goal of Islam.

SoundVision, a Chicago-based non-profit oriented to promoting Islam through multimedia confirms that dawa is a religious obligation and promotes the idea of proselytizing Islam in public schools.
Schools are fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of non-Muslim students. Muslim students should take ample advantage of this opportunity and expose their school mates to the beautiful beliefs of Islam…
We should use every opportunity presented or created to sensitize non-Muslim peers and school staff with Islam.

Further, we must establish an environment in which everywhere a non-Muslim turns he notices Islam portrayed in a positive way. Therefore, he can be influenced by it and eventually accept Islam with Allah”s guidance.

From visiting a Mosque in Nashville to eliminating Christmas celebrations in Denmark, the indoctrination of children is a global epidemic the leaves my stomach twisted in knots. And if you know what I know, then we’ll both agree, it’s gonna take a miracle to save us. But at least we’ve got Jesus and Donald Trump both trying.


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