Everybody Graduates: Creates HUGE School Scandal in DC

Everybody Graduates: Creates HUGE School Scandal in DC

In case you wonder how black kids end up with essentially no education, I have a story for you.

A high school in DC brags that it graduates all its students. Impressive right?

Next, they claim that all these kids are accepted to college. This story is unbelievable, because it is unbelievable.

According to The Federalist Papers,

But what happens if there’s no bar at all. That you are declared a success for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

That’s what’s happening at Ballou High School in a poverty stricken area of Washington, D.C., before last school year started, school officials had a mission: Every kid graduates and every kid is admitted to college.

Of course, that’s a difficult task at even the ritziest schools, but it proved so difficult at Ballou that they essentially threw out any standards and gave every single student a diploma.

And – believe it or not – every student was accepted to college.

Despite strenuous objections from teachers and other educators, students who missed more class than not, students who were truant so often they would normally be expelled and students who were failing every class were given a high school diploma and accepted to college.

If you lower the standards enough, everybody indeed gets a trophy.

But then, what is the trophy worth? Nothing.

The article continues,

NPR and WAMU launched an exhaustive investigation into the school and found that a majority of the graduating students did not attend more than six weeks of school – of a 36-week school year, a shocking number that would have quickly and easily found them expelled.

Of the students, only 23 missed fewer than 30 days of class in a 180-day school year. 55 students missed between 30 and 60 days, 53 missed between 60 and 90, 9 23 missed between 90 and 120 days and one student – who graduated – missed more than 150 days of the 180 day school year.

And most of those absences were unexcused.

The District of Columbia Public Schools system policy states that students who misses a class more than 30 times should fail that class.

But for this school, exceptions were made.

So why bother taking attendance?

Because educators tell you that attendance is key. Also, attendance is how they get paid, not performance.

As KPBS reported,

Student 114 is a sophomore at Lincoln High in Southeast San Diego. What makes her exceptional is the number of school days she missed last year – 87, or nearly half the 10th grade.

She cost her school $2,464.71.

A KPBS-Watchdog Institute investigation found there are thousands of chronically absent kids in San Diego County schools who together cost their districts millions of dollars in state funding.

During the 2009-2010 term, traditional public schools in San Diego County lost out on at least $102 million in state funding because of absences, according to data gathered by KPBS and the Watchdog Institute, an investigative reporting nonprofit based at San Diego State University. That figure totaled $624 million over the past five years.

Back to DC…

So students all graduated, regardless of attendance and grades. And now they are all off to college, right?

As the article suggests, “college” is a joke:

The district declined to say exactly which college accepted these “students,” but NPR discovered that 183 of the students were accepted to the University of the District of Columbia. Of those – only 16 enrolled for classes in the fall.

The school received high praise for the accomplishment of graduating every student. This is a school where at one point, only three percent were reading at grade level.

“Everybody just, they was betting on us failing, and we all came together and we graduated,” said student Me’Ashja Hamilton.

Yeah, well, Me’Ashja … that’s not much of an accomplishment.

Teachers said they were under extreme pressure to graduate students and pass them from high school administration. Dozens of teachers have resigned.

More of the shameful behavior of Leftists. They couldn’t care less about these students.


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