There President Trump goes again, breaking down barriers for women with the appointment of another woman to his cabinet.

How many does that make?

About 4 months into his administration, those keeping score on the Left reported things as follows:

Looking for the women in President Trump’s cabinet? You can count them on one tiny hand.

The president has picked women for four out of 23 cabinet-level positions so far, making up a mere 17% of the influential posts (he still hasn’t made an appointment for one position, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers).

Trump currently trails the last five presidents when it comes to achieving gender equality in the cabinet, according to data collected by The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP). 

“It’s a real backslide,” CAWP director Debbie Walsh told Refinery29.

What a misogynist, right! Only 17 percent of the president’s unfinished cabinet were women.

But what about Kelly Anne Conway and Sarah Sanders? In fact, the White House Press Office is overwhelmingly female. But here is how NBC News reported things back in September of this year:

But while the press office is 62 percent female, Trump’s Cabinet is 83 percent male, with men serving in 19 of 23 filled Cabinet posts. And of the 42 U.S. attorneys Trump has nominated, only one is a woman, Buzzfeed reported. Although Conway advises on policy, the communications shop by and large does not.

Obama hired lots of women, but not necessarily for high-level cabinet positions. In fact, according to the New York Times, Obama lagged Bill Clinton in that area.

And what we do know of women in the Obama administration is they were incompetent and corrupt to their rotten cores. From Hillary Clinton to Valerie Jarrett, Obama hired the worst women he could find. Power-hungry Leftists, who relished awards and accolades for having accomplished nothing.

Such is not the case of President Trump’s latest appointee. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Jelena McWilliams is eminently qualified.

Jelena McWilliams, an immigrant born in the former Yugoslavia who moved to the U.S. on her 18th birthday, has been a quiet force for years in shaping Republican policy on the banking industry. Her stature is about to expand greatly.

President Donald Trump, who has set a broad agenda to loosen financial regulation, nominated her this month to lead the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., one of the biggest jobs overseeing the U.S. banking sector. The Senate must vote to confirm her before she can begin.

Ms. McWilliams, a banking lawyer who paid for college by selling cars and Cutco knives, spent most of the past decade building a Washington career as a behind-the-scenes Republican staffer. She worked on legislation to counter stricter industry rules put in place by the Obama administration after the financial crisis—ideas now charged with new vigor under a Republican president.

Currently the top lawyer at Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp, she would take over an agency that is one of several regulators involved in Trump administration changes to banking-industry oversight.

Talk about your trifecta. A legal immigrant, competent, “do it yourself career-building” woman!

Boy can President Trump pick ’em.

And McWilliams reminds me of President Trump himself: decisive and direct.

The article continues,

Colleagues describe Ms. McWilliams, 44 years old, as decisive and direct, with an encyclopedic knowledge of banking law, sometimes lugging around a dog-eared copy of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. Former Democratic colleagues said Ms. McWilliams, who initially planned to study astrophysics, earned their respect for her deep understanding of issues and willingness to weigh different options.

“She was someone you could disagree with, without her being disagreeable,” said Dwight Fettig, a former Democratic staff director on the Senate Banking Committee.

People close to her say her upbringing in a Communist regime helped shape a free-market orientation and an appreciation for the U.S. as a place where hard work can bring success. Friends say she has long wanted to work in an appointed position for an American president.

America needs more of these types of immigrants. Those who have witnessed Communism first-hand, and who want no part of it. Because the Left in America need a wake-up call.

One thing is for sure, the president didn’t hire McWilliams because of her gender. He hired her because of her talent.


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