Feminist Homewrecker Plays #MeToo Victim

Feminist Homewrecker Plays #MeToo Victim

The Women’s Movement is full-circle. Women now play victims no matter what.

If Harvey Weinstein’s behavior proved anything, it’s that feminists willingly cover-up for Leftist men they admire or fear. Adding to their hypocrisy, feminists started the “MeToo movement in an attempt to hide their bad behaviors.

In this story, a former production assistant for The Today Show Addie Collins Zinone sat down with Megyn Kelly to tell her Matt Lauer story.

In the summer of 2000, 24-year-old Zinone engaged in a month-long torrid affair with Matt Lauer. Admittedly, she participated willingly. Nevertheless, Zinone now claims to be a victim.

Leftists were quick to praise Zinone for coming forward. Some people called her brave, and acted as if Zinone is some kind of hero.

However, the backlash now rages, as people point out the differences between “victim” and “homewrecking whore.”

As Fox News elaborates:

“Stop playing the victim! You are NOT a victim!! You are a whore! Plain and simple,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another shared, “Addie Zinone just wanted some 5 minute attention… her affair with Matt Laurer was 100% consensual and she honestly should have never brought it up. She made the choice to be a homewrecker and gives a bad name to the real #MeToo people.”



Zinone told Kelly about the negative comments she was already receiving since revealing her affair with Lauer.

“I understand that people are going to paint me as a homewrecker, as a slut and a whore and those are things I have been called. It was suggested yesterday to me that ‘Please please go get hit by a bus,'” Zinone told Kelly.

Poor Pitiful Me

Clearly, Zinone noticed all the attention of other women. So clearly she wanted in on the action. Thus, Zinone played the “poor pitiful me” card. You can bet Zinone never expected the reaction she now receives.

Zinone chose to sleep with a married man. Then, she admits that she is fully responsible for her actions. Except maybe not so “fully”.

I’m not making excuses for Lauer, however Zinone doesn’t earn a pass. She knew what she embarked on, when she involved herself with Lauer. As Nancy Reagan might say, “Just say no!”

Fox continues:

“These are very hard things to talk about,” she admitted. “My family is shattered by this. They are afraid for me. This all trickles down to a lot of people that are affected, so having these conversations is really important, but also there’s a lot of shame attached to what I did.”

Zinone said she struggled with hiding her story for 17 years and was fearful of opening up to the world about her shame.

Typically, I encourage women to step up and tell their stories. Real stories that is. Sadly, there are far too many of these stories to tell.

However, in this case, Zinone should have kept her skeleton in the closet. Her story was not a #MeToo story, unless by the term she meant, I willingly screwed a married man. Zinone wasn’t raped, molested, abused, or bullied.

Thus, Zinone is the rightful owner of the shame she feels. She’s no victim, and she’s certainly no hero.

And why Megyn Kelly would spend time on story like this shows how desperate she must be. This story should be a lesson to young girls that fooling around with married men has no future. Because this story doesn’t represent any abuse whatsoever for Zinone.

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