Health Concerns May Force ANOTHER GOP Senator to Retire in January

Health Concerns May Force ANOTHER GOP Senator to Retire in January

Generally politicians behave like Supreme Court Justices and die in office these days. Not so much under Donald Trump.

The election of a new sheriff caused two RINO Republicans to call it quits, in Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker. Also, in his own way Trump impacted the retirement of Senator Al Franken, who has now perhaps unretired. 

Nevertheless, in general, most Senators need God to retire them. That’s not the case with 80-year-old Thad Cochran.

According to Politico,

The 80-year-old’s feeble performance has fueled expectations — among senators and aides who’ve witnessed his physical and mental decline firsthand — that Cochran will step down from the Appropriations chairmanship early next year, or resign from the Senate altogether.

“The understanding is that he will leave after Jan. 1,” said a Republican senator who serves on the Appropriations Committee. “That’s what most of us believe will happen.”

News like this makes me suspicious, given my first-hand knowledge of media lies of this type.

A while back a rumor surfaced that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was retiring. As it turns out, I met with Justice Thomas for two hours, and he flatly denied ever saying that.

I’ve seen similar stories since, one involving Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In response to the rumor, Ginsburg told The Washington Examiner the following:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t plan to retire just yet.

“As long as I can do the job full steam, I will do it,” the 84-year-old said at an Equal Justice Works event Friday.

“I used to have an answer that worked for a lot of years,” Ginsburg said of her future retirement. “It was Justice Braindeis, when he was appointed he was the same age as I was, 60. And he stayed for 23 years, so I expect to stay at least as long. Well, now I’ve passed Brandeis, I’ve passed [Justice Felix] Frankfurter.”

Clearly, Democrats floated this idea, so somebody could get Ginsburg to retire during the Obama Era.

The Washington Post called Ginsburg “selfish” in this article.

The Feb. 2 Style article “Hey, Ruth, how are you feeling?” described how liberals are concerned about the state of 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health, fearing that if she becomes too feeble to continue to serve or (God forbid) dies, President Trump would be able to appoint a successor, further tilting the court to the right.

For several years , Ms. Ginsburg was asked whether she would retire and allow then-President Barack Obama to fill her vacancy with a much younger liberal justice who would probably carry her legacy well into the 21st century. Instead, possibly because she knew in her bones she still had the drive and energy to fulfill her duties, because she loved the job, because she thought she still had much to give to the country or perhaps out of a bit of fear (after all, for most of us, the next step after retirement is the Grim Reaper), she did not retire from the court. This might all fall under the rubric of love of country. But it also strikes me as selfish, as she could have done more for the country, long term, by stepping down.

As for Sen. Thad Cochran, speculation continues.

Cochran chairs the powerful Appropriations Committee. Yet he hasn’t presided over a hearing since early September. Fueling more speculation, the Mississippi Republican has not given a speech on the Senate floor all year. Finally, according to records, Cochran has only introduced two minor bills this year.

In defense of the latter, Cochran could take President Trump’s warning on legislation seriously, thus the lack of new bills.

The Politico article continues,

To the extent that Cochran weighs in on any issue, it’s in the form of an official statement from his office or the appropriations panel. He has stopped meeting with anyone about substantive committee business, including other senators or House members, according to several sources familiar with his activities. Cochran’s aides deny this is the case.

No official announcements have come as of yet. We certainly will know soon enough, as New Year’s looms. Spokesman for Cochran, Chris Gallegos commented:

“Sen. Cochran has not made any statements regarding leaving office. He continues to do his work for Mississippi and the nation.”

Regardless, for now Cochran’s job is done. He helped President Trump pass a sweeping tax reform bill. And if he does indeed retire after the new year, the Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, a Republican, will appoint a replacement for Cochran. After that, a special election would occur in November. However, if he were to retire before the end of the year, then by Mississippi law a special election would take place within 100 days.

I suggest Conservatives understand who’s in the lineup, so we get another staunch Conservative elected to the Senate. We don’t need more swamp rats.


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