Leftist Feminism: Multiple Muslim Gang Rapes in 3-week Span

Leftist Feminism: Multiple Muslim Gang Rapes in 3-week Span

The country of Sweden proudly proclaims itself to be a feminist and progressive culture. But apparently when it comes to protecting the rights of young women who get violently raped by immigrants, Sweden stands mute.

At least, that’s what happened to three young Swedish women who were viciously attacked by Muslim immigrants in a 3-week span.

Authorities haven’t disclosed the identity of the suspect(s) and have offered scant details of the attack – though it has been described by authorities as particularly brutal, with unconfirmed reports on social media claiming the victim had lighter fluid poured in her vagina and set on fire. 

“We have been policemen for a long time, several of us, I have been working for 35 years, and we have not had such a thing before. You’ve really crossed a border, it’s a very unusual treatment, says Inner Police Commander Mats Attin to SVT News Skene. –SVT

 Attin adds that the 17-year-old victim was exposed to a “special ruthlessness,” during the violent encounter,”We have received information from the public that we find very interesting. This is a horrendous crime,” said Anders Nilsson who is leading the preliminary investigation.”

And how do you think the “feminist” Swedish government responded to such violence?

Like most Leftists, unfortunately. The government told citizens not to worry. Reassuring, given that the attacks began with influx of Muslims and show no signs of diminishing.

However, Swedes are fed up. And they took to the streets in protests for answers.

“The protesters in Malmo outlined a series of demands on the Swedish government – which prides itself on being feminist: tougher punishment for rapes, a Minster of Justice with competence in sexual violence issues and a National Police Commissioner ‘who cares about women’ – according to the Daily Mail.”

Sadly, these kinds of attacks have become just your typical day all throughout Sweden.

Could it possibly have something to do with Sweden’s open border policies that invite a ruthless culture to freely roam throughout the country?

In 1995 there were only 116 reported gang rapes in Sweden. Fast forward to 2006 that number had jumped to 553: a 500% increase. One can you imagine how high that number must be today, given the stance of the Swedish government.

Disregarding the number for the moment, look at how issues regarding Muslims immigrants. As National Review reports, the blame is on low-skill jobs:

In fact, Sweden has been taking large numbers of refugees and immigrants for decades. They’ve accepted Balkans, Iraqis, Somalis, and many others. The Washington Post notwithstanding, there is a connection between immigration and criminality and other problems. As the Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji has noted, the employment rate for native Swedes is about 82 percent, but it’s only 58 percent for immigrants, and lower still for non-Western immigrants.

Among native Swedes, the crime rate is equivalent to Iceland’s. But in immigrant-heavy neighborhoods, lawbreaking is comparable to the much higher overall rate in the U.S. (though not to the high-crime areas of U.S. cities). Immigrants have found integration into Sweden’s homogeneous culture very difficult, partially because low-skill jobs have been disappearing as Sweden — like other countries in the developed world — de-industrializes. Though many immigrants, like Sanandaji himself, have managed the challenge, others rely on welfare-state subsidies. Joblessness and alienation have sparked riots and other antisocial behavior.

At outdoor festivals such as “We Are Stockholm,” women have been groped. Public swimming pools have become venues for gangs of young immigrant men to harass women. Malmö has been losing its small Jewish population, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a travel warning due to threats and attacks on Jews from Muslim immigrants.

So we are to believe that low-skilled jobs are the reason people supposedly fleeing oppression decide to commit heinous crimes?

Check out one of the worst examples of Muslim rape culture which occurred in 2012:

A 30-year old woman was raped by eight men in a housing project for asylum seekers, in the small town of Mariannelund. The woman was an acquaintance of a man from Afghanistan who had lived in Sweden for a number of years.

He invited her to go out with him. She obliged. The Afghan man took her to a refugee housing project and left her defenseless. During the night, she was raped repeatedly by the asylum seekers and when her “friend” returned, he raped her too. 

The following morning she managed to call the police. Sweden’s public prosecutor has called the incident “the worst crime of rape in Swedish criminal history.”

Of course Swedish government officials ignore the root cause of their rape culture they have created. They then blame the gang rape issue on Swedish citizens reporting more crimes than they have previously.

Also, the Swedish government also blames the rise of extremism on the clashing of “ring-wing” white power culture.

According to Anna Carlstedt – Sweden’s Coordinator against Violent Extremism:

Carlstedt said on Swedish Radio last year: “I think there are several different types of hotbeds of extremism. What we see is that there is an interaction between them. It is true that Islamic extremism is growing, but this also results from the extreme right-wing white power movement.

 How does a “white power” culture clashing with Muslims result in the gang raping of 15 year old girls? Here is a hint: it’s not because of “right-wing” white people.

According to the Gladstone Institute :

“Sweden has admitted more than 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015, which exceeded any other European Union state per capita. The 2015 total included 51,338 asylum seekers from Syria, 41,564 from Afghanistan, 20,857 from Iraq and 5,465 from Somalia. Instead of assimilating into Swedish society, asylum seekers and other migrants from Muslim majority countries have re-created their violence prone, Islamist culture in Sweden.”

In addition to blaming white right-wingers for the rise in violence Sweden now also hands out booklets to new immigrants and refugees asking them nicely not to rape the local women.

The country is responding with the sex guidebook titled, Youmo In Practice, that’s supposed to teach young migrants about sex, health and gender so they understand that it’s inappropriate to rape people. It focuses on the subject of consent and that women are allowed to say no. Nyberg said it’s a difficult subject because migrants come from differing cultural backgrounds.”

Pamphlets asking nicely ought to do the trick. Because the Islamic culture has such a good track record of obeying our western way of life.



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