Leftist Media FREAK OUT over Trump’s Shoe

Leftist Media FREAK OUT over Trump’s Shoe

Ever since Donald Trump won the nomination for the presidency the leftist media has been trying to kick his ass with one smear campaign after the next.

But Trump continues to embarrass the media with his many accomplishments. And his latest warning signals Trump won’t back down.

Recently Donald Trump retweeted a picture of himself sent from a supporter that reads “WINNING”. But the controversy for the Left centers on what shows on the bottom of President Trump’s shoe.

It’s difficult to see in this picture, but on the bottom of his show is a CNN logo splattered. The image looks like Trump smashed CNN and the logo bleeds on the bottom of the show.

Keep in mind Trump retweeted an earlier tweet regarding his Year One accomplishments. Trump uses the picture to chastise fake news CNN for its lack of coverage of his monumental accomplishments.


People call Trump a blowhard. They say he toots his own horn. To that I say, if he doesn’t, who will do it for him.

If Obama accomplished what Trump accomplished, you couldn’t contain the media. Keep in mind that Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. The award was so unearned, even Obama recognized it, and gave the money to charity. Well, there was that huge write-off he needed as well.

Barack Obama was an embarrassment of historic proportions in his first year. And that embarrassment continued until he left office. A complicit media is the only reason Obama got a second term.

As for President Trump, he began his campaign using the media, and nothing has changed. Despite 90 percent negative press, the president always comes out on top.

Recall a few months back when Trump tweeted a video of himself body slamming a WWE wrestler character with the CNN logo as his face.

Trump’s timing was impeccable.

After all, CNN was right in the middle of another ethics scandal after Matt Boyle proved that CNN’s story about Anthony Scaramucci’s Russian ties was bogus. The story led to multiple CNN resignations.

Back to Trump’s coverage by Leftist media

The American media is doing such a disservice to the country by not reporting the truth that a recent poll shows <90 percent of coverage on the Trump administration is negative.

According to a new Media Research Center study, in the last three months, 91 percent of the time evening news coverage of President Donald Trump on the main broadcast stations was negative.

Perhaps more interesting were statistics surrounding the amount of news coverage of President Trump. As by the end of August, MRC reported that nearly 40 percent of coverage during the nightly news on ABC, NBC and CBS consisted of stories about the Trump White House or the administration.

90 percent negative, yet Trump still manages to make the media pay.

They knock him, and he takes the punches then knocks them out. Actually, he squashes them like bugs!



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