LGBT May have PUSHED Too Hard This Time [VIDEO]

LGBT May have PUSHED Too Hard This Time [VIDEO]

Leftists hate America being simply about Americans.

Admittedly, I remember reading about “black history” and I was overwhelmed. For so long I had been taught how downtrodden blacks were, that I hungered for something that proved what I always felt. 

As a young black growing up in America, I felt completely empowered. Yet in school, they seemed to always denigrate blacks, attempting to make victims of us. I wasn’t buying it. I had far too many role models that proved otherwise.

Why didn’t wackademia teach blacks about the uplifting story of being freed from slavery. Then overcoming the lack of civil rights by Democrats?

Now we face similar issues, as Leftists want to promote sexuality. Gays vs NOT Gays, as it were.

Sadly for the LGBT, NOT Gays win. We’ve contributed more to society. But then again, who’s keeping score. Apparently the LGBT keep score, at least according to this report from Fox News:


LEVENTHAL: “Historians now wrestling with how to teach LGBT history to school children as California becomes the first state to use LGBT-inclusive textbooks in schools. William La Jeunesse is live in Los Angeles with this story.”

LA JEUNESSE: “It’s controversial because some publishers weren’t comfortable identifying people as gay that did not out themselves or the conclusion lacked evidence. And secondly, these courses are not optional, meaning parents cannot opt out.”

So what if Da Vinci was gay. I don’t really care, as for me, he was a simply great scientist. We don’t even know if he was gay, though gays seem to want to take credit for him.

Fine. The NOT Gays will take Tesla.

Essentially gays want to rewrite history, giving themselves a more prominently place in it. It’s not enough that Hollyweirdo Leftists write gays into practically every TV show or movie, but now this!

Frankly, I don’t care that the senator who tried to help Maximus kill Caesar in Gladiator was gay. But Hollywood made sure to allude to it often in the film.

But sexuality of any form doesn’t need to be forced. I suggest it can’t be anyway.

No matter what, when I see two guys or two girls together, I still think “friends”, before I think “lovers”. Either way works for me.

But when Leftists attempt to mainstream LGBTQ sexuality to kids, I have a problem with that. Children can and do figure out their sexuality. And if gays were truthful, they would admit that most boys would be boys and girls would be girls if left to their own devices. But this forced LGBTQ agenda is meant to mainstream sexuality that is historically and naturally a small percentage of the population.

If that truth hurts, so be it.

Percentage of LGBT is one rewrite of history. But now they want to teach children about LGBT history, and will allude to who “might” have been LGBT based on absolutely no evidence. That would be like black people saying that all people in history of consequence “might” have been black. So let’s rewrite American history as “black history”.

I don’t care who kicked the British’s asses. White, black, or Indian, gay or straight. I’m just glad men decided they’d had enough, and beat the crap out of the Red Coats.




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