John McCain Staffer SUBPOENAED in Russia Probe

John McCain Staffer SUBPOENAED in Russia Probe

We’ve known for some time that Senator John McCain tried to derail Donald Trump’s election.

McCain wanted to curry favor with Hillary Clinton’s team, since he bet on that horse’s ass. Things didn’t work out, and now McCain finds himself in a pickle.

We learned that a McCain staffer has been subpoenaed.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has issued a subpoena to David Kramer, a former State Department official who, in late November 2016, traveled to London to receive a briefing and a copy of the Trump dossier from its author, former British spy Christopher Steele. Kramer then returned to the U.S. to give the document to Sen. John McCain.

Kramer is a senior fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University.

In other words, Kramer played the role of the patsy. By acting as McCain’s operative, he gave McCain plausible deniability.

Or did he?

The article continues,

McCain later took a copy of the dossier to the FBI’s then-director, James Comey. But the FBI already had the document; Steele himself gave the dossier to the bureau in installments, reportedly beginning in early July 2016.

McCain, recovering in Arizona from treatments for cancer, has long refused to detail his actions regarding the dossier. For his part, Kramer was interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee on Dec. 19. The new subpoena stems from statements Kramer made in that interview.

In the session, Kramer told House investigators that he knew the identities of the Russian sources for the allegations in Steele’s dossier. But when investigators pressed Kramer to reveal those names, he declined to do so.

Now, he is under subpoena. The subpoena, issued Wednesday afternoon, directs Kramer to appear again before House investigators on Jan. 11.

Again, the Russia story involves nothing about Donald Trump. But now that the finger of blame points at Republicans, we may see the media get lulled into yet another trap.

You see, the media loves to cover the demise of Republicans. So they may very well allow their reporters to actually investigate Kramer, albeit McCain. What a head to hang on the wall, as the venerable John McCain goes down. What the Left won’t foresee are the heads that will hang next to McCains.

We wrote this of Congress now sees Obama’s FBI:

All of America knows the Obama administration colluded with the Clinton campaign to defeat Donald Trump.

Leftists know this is a certainty. Now they dare us to prove it. And we will.

As with Watergate, the cover-up is far greater than the crime itself. And what we will eventually learn from this will make Bill Clinton’s mea culpa with Lewinsky look like Disney.

Jim Jordan appears on Lou Dobbs after his committee grilled one of the key figures in the Mueller “hit team”:

Congressman JimJordan joined Lou Dobbs after grilling Rosenstein earlier in the day.

Rep. Jim Jordan: Listen you can’t make this stuff up. It gets worse each and every day… What deep down scares me, if this actually happened the FBI had a concerted effort with the people at the top to go after one party’s nominee to help the other party’s nominee. If that actually happened in the United States of America and everything each and every day points to more and more likely that that is what took place, it is sad for our country if that took place. And I think it did based on everything I am seeing. All the evidence points to that.

So the fallout has begun.

Again, Conservatives will have many “popcorn” moments in 2018, as the investigation unwinds.

Picture a spider web thread once it ensnares its prey. The arachnid scurries over to carefully wrap its prey in a web-like tomb, the meal to be enjoyed later.

Happy New Year, Conservatives!


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