Prostitute to Lady: Hillary Clinton FAILS in Pretty Woman Remake

Prostitute to Lady: Hillary Clinton FAILS in Pretty Woman Remake

Hillary Clinton lingers, because her work continues. Clinton’s new job involves forcing people to see that she’s really not a bitch.

Talk about one helluva marketing proposition.

Because people hate Hillary Clinton, and not just Conservatives. Many Leftist politicos privately wish she would disappear. But Hillary Clinton can’t go away yet.

Reputation rightfully sullied, Clinton needs to rehab her reputation. Because when the sh*t hits the fan on all she’s done, she will need populism to save the day.

Clinton’s coronation-gone-wrong represented the “new” Clinton. Only nobody bought it. TBS wrote of one such makeover attempt:

Makeovers, resets, and do-overs seem to represent the norm for Hillary Clinton. Before she ever made her announcement to run for president, her close friend and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg did her best to launch the “ban bossy” campaign. The Left wanted to ban this restrictive and sexist word because its negative connotations “kept girls from achieving”. What it was really designed to do was to keep Conservatives from labeling Hillary Clinton as “bossy”; ok, a bitch! Let’s just say that campaign went over like Lewinsky at Chelsea’s baby shower.

Most recently, the “showing heart and spontaneity” world tour has begun, with all the choreography and scripting of all Hillary Clinton events. It was time to meet the new real, old Hillary (pun intended). Americans will now suddenly realize that we just did not know the “real” Hillary; you know, the one who has 47 bodies (and counting) in her wake.

The new Hillary is the life of the party, loves to go out and have umbrella drinks with her girlfriends, and is a harmless doting grandmother.

We all know how that turned out. Donald Trump exposed the doting grandmother as an entitled elitist.

The Wall Street Journal’s Jillian Kay Mechior pummeled Clinton next makeover attempt. Mechior writes of Clinton’s vain attempt to buy influence within Teen Vogue

Hillary Clinton expanded her already impressive résumé by guest-editing the issue that hit newsstands Dec. 5. It was a theme issue, with 36 pages devoted to a single subject: Hillary Clinton. That’s more than the 31 pages of ads in the 97-page magazine.

Mrs. Clinton commissioned several articles about herself. Staff writer Lauren Duca proclaims that “zooming out on Hillary’s 2016 loss reveals the broader contours of women’s oppression,” while Gloria Steinem says that when a woman is elected president, “she will be climbing steps that were carved out by Hillary.” The issue also features contributions from Chelsea Clinton and Betsy Ebeling, identified as Mrs. Clinton’s “BFF.”

There’s a two-page spread of “Love Letters to Hill.” Readers are assured they are “personal notes” selected from more than 100,000 post-election missives Mrs. Clinton received from young women, including singer Miley Cyrus and actresses Chloë Grace Moretz and Lena Dunham. The magazine helpfully advises: “Read with tissues in hand!”

Then there’s Mrs. Clinton’s own love letter to Mrs. Clinton—or rather, to Miss Rodham. Framed as advice to her 18-year-old self, it includes such tips as “when president-elect Barack Obama says he wants to talk to you about a job opportunity in his cabinet, hear him out.”

Hillary Clinton’s version of Pretty Woman. Remember that movie?

In Pretty Woman, the billionaire playboy played by Richard Gere hires a prostitute. Julia Roberts plays the good-natured street prostitute (yeah right!) who catches Gere’s eye.

The two make a deal for Roberts to be Gere’s companion he decides to clean up. As in all Hollywood movies, tension develops between the two, but in the end, the prostitute becomes a lady.

Clinton attempts the same thing. Except in her version Clinton plays both roles. The Not-So-Pretty-Woman tries to turn an ugly old prostitute into a lady. But Clinton’s version doesn’t have the Hollywood ending.



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