TERROR ATTACK: Merry Christmas Jihad in Harrisburg PA

TERROR ATTACK: Merry Christmas Jihad in Harrisburg PA

Feeling safe during the Christmas season?

Well don’t forget the Obama Legacy and the fact that America must now deal with the new world full of Muslim terrorists in our midst.

The Left downplay this, as they clamor for more voters and mayhem, but the stories abound. Just the other day, law enforcement thwarted an attack on the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco. The “radicalized” American jihadi wanted to kill as many Christians as he could on Christmas Day at Pier 39.

The Left would have been prepared…with excuses. He wasn’t a refugee. America is evil, and that why this white man converted to Islam, and so on.

Frankly, I’m shocked more young white men don’t convert to Islam, given how white men are treated in America. Another story for another day.

Unlike San Francisco, Harrisburg PA wasn’t quite so lucky in their holiday jihad season. Harrisburg experienced a Muslim attack in the name of Islam.

As Penn Live reports,


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