MLB Great Calls Sexual Harassment ‘Ugly-Shaming’

MLB Great Calls Sexual Harassment ‘Ugly-Shaming’

You’re not supposed to speak out against women. That’s how things have been set up.

When it comes to sexual harassment of men on women, women are always to be believed. Further, we all know, women don’t sexually harass; not even Lesbians!

Only MEN can sexually harass. This, according to the handbook: “Feminism: Destroying Men With the Help of Liberal Eunuchs”.

Nevertheless, major league baseball great, Jose Canseco disagrees with feminists. In fact, Canseco reveals that he has been the victim of sexual assault by women.

Canseco then admitted that his molestation(s) weren’t always bad.

But then Canseco revealed the underpinnings of why he believes there is a double-standard, when it comes to sexual molestation.

And studies show that Canseco may be telling the truth. As Scientific America reports,

In 2014, we published a study on the sexual victimization of men, finding that men were much more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than was thought. To understand who was committing the abuse, we next analyzed four surveys conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to glean an overall picture of how frequently women were committing sexual victimization.

The results were surprising. For example, the CDC’s nationally representative data revealed that over one year, men and women were equally likely to experience nonconsensual sex, and most male victims reported female perpetrators. Over their lifetime, 79 percent of men who were “made to penetrate” someone else (a form of rape, in the view of most researchers) reported female perpetrators. Likewise, most men who experienced sexual coercion and unwanted sexual contact had female perpetrators.

Canseco actually gives this double-standard a theme: racist against ugly men!


As 12 News expounds on Canseco’s statement,

His Tweets came on the same day President Trump was under fire from some Democrats to resign after a tweet aimed at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and more allegations of sexual harassment came to light.

It also hit the same day that ESPN suspended Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis, who are among a handful of former players under investigation for sexual harassment while employed by NFL Network.

Canseco, 53, is likely to lose his studio analyst job on Oakland Athletics telecasts as a result of the tweets. After a long estrangement from baseball, he had joined the NBC Sports California broadcasting crew as a pre- and postgame commentator last season.

Although a final evaluation of which analysts to bring back wasn’t due until the new year, the cable outlet issued a statement distancing itself from his remarks.

But is Canseco on to something?

The calls of sexual molestation may very well be women’s bias against ugly guys.


Ask yourself this. If you inserted “Brad Pitt” in many of the situations where women say molesting occurred, would the women still make the same claims? Or would there be a lot of women bragging that Brad Pitt grabbed ’em by the p*ssy?

Would Brad Pitt commandeering a woman in a room and “watering the plant” with semen as Weinstein did, be seen as “romantic”? Some say yes. However, with Weinstein, women consider the act “creepy”.

Well in fact, what Weinstein did is indeed creepy regardless of who did it. But perception is in the eye of the “weeholder”.

Until we can have honest discussions around all of these things, some group will be oppressed. Right now, women target men, pure and simple. But the worm always turns.

Comic Patrice O’Neal may have one of the funniest sets on sexual harassment I’ve seen. He recommends “Sexual Harassment Day” [language]


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