UNLAWFUL CONDUCT: Mueller’s Problems Just Got Worse

UNLAWFUL CONDUCT: Mueller’s Problems Just Got Worse

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s problems just worsened.

As if Mueller doesn’t have enough on his plate with the Peter Strzok revelations, he now finds himself in hot water again.

As Fox News reports,

A lawyer for the Trump presidential transition team is accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office of inappropriately obtaining transition documents as part of its Russia probe, including confidential attorney-client communications, privileged communications and thousands of emails.

In a letter obtained by Fox News and sent to House and Senate committees on Saturday, the transition team’s attorney alleges “unlawful conduct” by the career staff at the General Services Administration in handing over transition documents to the special counsel’s office.

The transition legal team argues it could be a violation of the 4th Amendment – which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Kory Langhofer, the counsel to Trump for America, wrote in Saturday’s letter that the GSA “did not own or control the records in question.”

Langhofer said the special counsel’s office received “tens of thousands of emails” from the GSA as well as certain laptops and cell phones containing privileged materials.

The transition attorney said they discovered the “unauthorized disclosures” by the GSA on December 12th and 13th and raised concerns with the special counsel’s office.

“We understand that the special counsel’s office has subsequently made extensive use of the materials it obtained from the GSA, including materials that are susceptible to privilege claims,” Langhofer writes.

Anybody think these disclosures were turned over “accidentally”?

Given all that we know about the Obama administration, you can bet they were doing everything they could to taint the Trump team.

Recall that Obama promised a smooth transition. Of course in “Leftist-speak” that meant Obama would make the Trump transition a living hell.

The article continues,

Trump for America is the nonprofit organization that facilitated the transition between former President Barack Obama to President Trump.

The GSA, an agency of the United States government, provided the transition team with office space and hosted its email servers.

“We continue to cooperate fully with the special counsel and expect this process to wrap up soon,” Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, said Saturday.

As expect, the special counsel’s office declined to comment Saturday. But the question remains: Who sent the unauthorized information?

And as Comey might ask, “What was the intent?”

Mueller has a lot on his plate, and have requested to meet with the president’s attorneys. Much speculation exists around the content of the meetings.

As CNN reported,

President Donald Trump’s private lawyers are slated to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller and members of his team as soon as next week for what the President’s team considers an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the next steps in Mueller’s probe, according to sources familiar with the matter.

While the lawyers have met with Mueller’s team before and might again, the sources believe the upcoming meeting has greater significance because it comes after the completion of interviews of White House personnel requested by the special counsel and after all requested documents have been turned over. Mueller could still request more documents and additional interviews. No request to interview the President or the vice president has been made, sources tell CNN.

But Trump’s team, led by John Dowd and Jay Sekulow, is hoping for signs that Mueller’s investigation is nearing its end, or at least the part having to do with the President. Their goal is to help Trump begin to emerge from the cloud of the ongoing investigation, several of the sources explained. The sources acknowledge that Mueller is under no obligation to provide any information and concede they may walk away with no greater clarity.

Nice try, fake news CNN.

The Trump team is getting restful sleep these days, as the walls cave in on the Left. While the investigation should conclude, it won’t be at Trump’s urging. Mueller would be smart to do this immediately.

Regardless, the inevitable investigation to follow will involve the Clintons, Barack Obama, and many satellites in both their orbits. And unlike previous investigations, Democrats will go to prison.

We will track things and update accordingly.



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