Murder of Border Patrol Agent was No Accident

Murder of Border Patrol Agent was No Accident

One border agent is dead and another was injured. Yet authorities tried to call the incident an accident.

Now, the FBI investigation reveals the truth. The death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez was no accident. 

Border patrol agent; #KevinJacksonCulberson County Sheriff Oscar Carillo told local media outlets that the agents were injured in a car crash. Rumors flew for weeks, creating a scandal reminiscent of the Obama era. First, the Sheriff speculated that the agents “fell into the culvert.” Later, he hypothesized that they were side-swiped by the mirror of a tractor trailer. Of course, those claims made the FBI sit up and take notice. Clearly, neither of those explanations make sense.

Conflicting Narratives

The facts we have are this: Martinez was on duty the night of November 18th. He patrolled near I-10 close to the US-Mexico border. Martinez and his partner responded to some kind of activity. However, the type of activity hasn’t been disclosed thus far.

A few minutes later, Martinez’s partner, Border Patrol Agent Stephen Garland, radioed for help. They were found in a culvert just east of Van Horn, Texas. Both men suffered traumatic head injuries and various broken bones. The agents were rushed to the hospital where Martinez died and his partner survived with no memory of the event.

Agents who arrived on the scene describe it as a gruesome sight. Some theorize the agents were beat in the head with rocks. In fact, Chris Cabrera said Martinez died after an “ambush” and suggested that drug traffickers frequented the area.

“It was a brutal attack,” Cabrera said. “This was something well thought out and planned. They executed their plan.”

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office called Martinez’s death a murder, and Trump tweeted that those responsible will be brought to justice.

The FBI said it was investigating a “potential assault on a federal officer.” .

Cabrera is the spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council.

Obviously his main concern is the safety and well-being of his fellow officers. Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council labor union certainly agrees.

“I have been told by several agents that it was a grisly scene, and that his injuries were very extensive,” Judd told the Washington Post shortly after the Customs and Border Patrol agency announced Martinez’s death. “We believe he was struck in the head with rocks, or multiple rocks.”

Local representatives from the Border Patrol Council agreed, with one telling the Morning News:
Agent Martinez was ultimately murdered. The agents were tracking footprints and were ultimately ambushed, and assaulted by, I don’t know who, but it could have been illegal immigrants or drug traffickers.

In fact, Judd points out the area where Martinez was attacked is about 50 miles north of the border, along a smuggling corridor often used by drug couriers.

Why Lie?

It’s hard to understand why Sheriff Carillo is so reluctant to acknowledge the murder of a fellow officer. However, Carillo spends a lot of time denying reports of illegal immigration. Furthermore, this democratic sheriff calls border crime a GOP tactic to gain votes.

I’m sure my fellow Texans wonder just to whom Carillo pledges his allegiance. Carillo is a leftist, and thus sides with the narrative that illegal drug dealers don’t go around shooting cops. A man after Carillo’s own heart.

Despite Sheriff Carillo’s denial, the FBI tracked down two men who may be responsible for the attack. An informant told a Customs and Border Protection agent that two brothers, Antonio and Jesus Munoz bragged about the attack. Apparently, the illegal aliens recently smuggled themselves into the U.S.

That’s right folks! These killers were here illegally.

Despite their clean-cut appearances, the brothers were smuggling methamphetamine and heroin. Of course, during questioning, the brothers changed their story and denied the attack. However, their Pontiac is now being examined for evidence linking the Munoz brothers undoubtedly to the death of Agent Martinez.






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