NFL OFFERS $100 MILLION to BRIBE Black Players from Childish Antics

NFL OFFERS $100 MILLION to BRIBE Black Players from Childish Antics

The NFL is strange. As they lose millions of dollars, they compound their problem by offering blacks bribes.

Or reparations. Take your pick.

According to Deadline,

This week, a league that has tried just about everything from negotiating to pleading to offering reasonable alternatives to insulting the players did a true Hail Mary – they offered to fund causes important to the African-American community over a five-to-six year period to the tune of $100 million.

Under the proposed deal, the United Negro College Fund and Dream Corps. would receive $25 million each, with the remainder of the funding going to the ad-hoc Players Coalition to distribute as they desire. In return, the national anthem protests that have generated fan anger, sponsor anguish and lowered TV ratings would end.

A problem that could have been solved with fines, now has a price tag. And one thing even black Leftists know: don’t take the first offer.

Clearly, that’s what some of the players think as the article suggests:

Naturally, the players split on whether the offer was a good solution. Some accused certain Players Coalition leaders of holding beliefs no longer in the best interests of the protesters. Others felt the money was an out-and-out bribe, and refused to sell out their cause for any amount, while still others saw the deal as merely rearranging the deck chairs. Their concern was that the NFL would allocate funds already earmarked for charity, or spend it on public service announcements that essentially are advertising for the league.

With rumors swirling that the league is considering keeping all teams in the locker room during the national anthem for the 2018 season, the money offer may be the final effort by the league to create a workable solution that will address at least some of the player concerns. After that, the league may be the one taking a knee when called upon to address the situation.

Eventually, the NFL will get the message that they need to get out of the business of social justice. Further, players who want to be social justice warriors need to find another living.

I guarantee you, if the NFL put its foot down, this issue would be solved overnight. Any monetary solution would create a much bigger problem for the NFL. A payoff would essentially say to the black players that whenever they want to disrupt their industry and get more money, they just find another social justice incident.

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