Pro Football Team Offers Colin Kaepernick a Job

Pro Football Team Offers Colin Kaepernick a Job

Piece of crap Colin Kaepernick will get another chance to kneel at pro football games.

Yes, he got a job offer.

According to Downtrend,

GQ’s “Citizen of the Year” and the winner of the Sports Illustrated “Muhammed Ali Legacy Award” (which he was handed by cop-hating diva Beyoncé) may have just scored the biggest honor of all.

A real, live offer to play quarterback for a football team AND to be handed the starter’s job.

Thanks to rap artist Jim Jones who has just purchased the Richmond Roughriders, Kaepernick’s days of joblessness may finally be over if he suits up for the indoor football team of the American Arena League.

Jones is enthusiastic that he can meld hip-hop culture with arena football and provide the great prophet a forum from which to deliver his message of social justice warfare.

Well if the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team, what will we call the Roughriders?

The Richmond Roughriders just became America’s most hated football team.

I’m not sure what this new owner has in mind, but making money at football isn’t it. I know nothing about the man. However, I’m willing to wager that a group of wealthy white socialists like Soros asked him to do the deal. A couple of inside stock tips, and Jim Jones is all good, financially speaking.

Supposedly the Roughriders will simply hand the QB spot over to Kaepernick. Since I quit watching football, I don’t know if this was a desperation move, or a political statement. Perhaps it’s both.

Though I wish no injury to Kaepernick, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t cheer that he is wholly unsuccessful as a player. I hope his team loses “bigly”, as well. And I know millions of America share my view.

Kaepernick deserves nothing. And the sooner the NFL recognizes this, the better.

I’m presuming now that Kaepernick will drop his collusion lawsuit against the NFL, now that he’s playing “minor league” football?

As for Jim Jones, he took one look at football up close and fell in love:

The “We Fly High” rapper performed at halftime during the Rough Riders win in the Arena Pro Football League title. He apparently liked what he saw.

While talking to the media Thursday, Jones repeated his offer to Colin Kaepernick to join the Roughriders and resurrect his pro career.

“You know, he didn’t get to play this year in the NFL and in Arena football he can keep his skills up to par, break some records, have some fun,” said Jones.

So let’s see how things work out for Kaepernick in a new football league. Will he kneel in his new arena?

Or will he take that much smaller paycheck, and just play ball?



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