If Obama Killed Jesus, Trump Resurrected Him

If Obama Killed Jesus, Trump Resurrected Him

While Leftists point out that Obama said, “Merry Christmas”, he was no Christian.

Obama and other Leftists have nothing but disdain for Christianity, and they happily proved it.

I contend that Obama tried to kill Jesus.

Look no further than Leftist attacks on American companies and organizations like Hobby Lobby, who merely didn’t want to pay for contraception. Then Chick-fil-A felt the wrath of Leftists when they declared their support of marriage. Another example of those who buck the narrative of “gay marriage”, meet the baker who refused to bake a “gay wedding” cake. Finally, what of the founder of Mozilla, forced to resign because he donated a mere $1,000 in support of marriage.

So what Obama said “Merry Christmas” each year. Those were words. His deeds said otherwise.

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While Obama promoted Islam at every turn, even as Muslim terrorists menaced Americans from coast to coast. Meanwhile, teachers were told they could no longer say Merry Christmas because that might be offensive to others who don’t hold the same religious values. Then, public school bus drivers were told not to drive by nativity scenes.

The term “Merry Christmas” was replaced by “happy holidays”.

The Atlantic spoke of this change:

Conservatives agree. A poll conducted earlier this month by the Public Religion Research Institute found 67 percent of Republicans  don’t think it’s necessary for businesses to ditch a Christmas greeting for “happy holidays”; only 30 percent of Democrats feel the same. Party preference was the sharpest dividing line on this question, but young people are also far more likely to prefer a non-denominational salutation (67 percent), as are black Americans (69 percent).

Is this new? Not especially. PRRI asked the same question three years ago;Republicans largely felt the same way, though slightly less strongly (only 61 percent of Republicans reacted negatively back then). But “happy holidays” is a particularly Trumpian pain point—non-traditional, multi-cultural, and driven by a sensitivity to others who, you know, don’t actually celebrate Christmas.

Democrats have also gotten more sensitive, but in the other direction, said PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones: 66 percent favor a secular greeting, up from 58 percent in 2010. “While there has been a large partisan gap on the question since we first asked it in 2010, it has grown wider over the last few years,” he said in an email statement. “Nearly all of that movement has come from Democrats.”

No matter what Democrats say, they will never live down “booing” God.

No surprises here.

According to a recent Pew Research Center study “none” is the largest religious group among Democrats.

After surveying more than 35,000 Americans last year, the Center has found that overall, Americans are becoming less religious, with the younger generation praying less, attending church services less, while fewer believe in God, Heaven. or Hell.

According to the Center, “The recent decrease in religious beliefs and behaviors is largely attributable to the ‘nones’ — the growing minority of Americans, particularly in the Millennial generation, who say they do not belong to any organized faith.”

All told, the “nones” (who include atheists, agnostics, and spiritual persons) comprise 23 percent of the adult population in the United States, up seven percentage points since 2007. And among the “nones,” the number of those who believe in God have dropped off, from 70 percent in 2007 to 61 percent in 2014.

The same media who praised Michelle Obama’s White House Christmas decorations referred to Melania Trump as an evil “ice queen”. They then mocked and criticized Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations.

While Obama may have tried to kill Jesus, President Trump most definitely resurrects Him.

During the campaign, Conservatives mocked Trump’s Christianity. Many felt that he only pretended to be a Christian to garner the evangelical vote. President Trump certainly proved otherwise.

Trump indeed understands that Judeo-Christian values form the bedrock of our society. Without those values, America doesn’t exist.

President Trump has surrounded himself with pastors. He further promotes these pastors, and lets America know that he relies on their support in helping him build his faith. One such pastor is Rev. Paula White.

Reverend White, has been a spiritual adviser to Donald Trump for years, and she joined “Fox & Friends” on Christmas morning to remind Americans that there’s a man with a heart to serve God and Americas in his faith as leader of the Free World:

If you visited the White House this Christmas, you would see the majestic creation of his immigrant wife. The First Lady decorated the White House in splendor, as celebration of Jesus Christ.



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