Obama Press Secy: ‘I’m surprise by Trump’s success with China’

Obama Press Secy: ‘I’m surprise by Trump’s success with China’

If Leftists were truthful, most would admit that President Donald Trump has shocked them.

In a good way.

These elitists believed no one could disproved their idiotic ideology, especially Donald Trump. Thus, the prophecies of doom and gloom.

First, we were told that the stock market would crash upon the election of Trump. Quite the opposite has happened. And to his credit, Obama helped.

Recall when Obama said Trump couldn’t save Carrier? Then President-elect Trump saved carrier with the ease of a surgeon removing a splinter. Yes, it was that easy.

The market responded.

Second, Obama said that Trump couldn’t bring back manufacturing jobs. Given Obama’s experience, who could blame him for such a proclamation. After all, Obama lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs in his final year as president.

When Trump got Ford to stay, and then the litany of other companies followed suit, the market responded.

Now we experience market numbers few thought possible in 8 years, much less one. Moreover, President Trump has added 171,000 manufacturing jobs in his first year. One can only imagine what Year 8 looks like, but indicators are positive.

So what of “the resistance”. They represent obstructionists who wish to prevent President Trump from accomplishing his agenda. As I said on my radio show, “Imagine what President Trump would accomplish if the Left actually helped?!”

The Left may now realize their futility.

Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby, a retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, appeared on CNN for an interview. Kirby speaks to Wolf Blitzer, and shocks the CNN audience with his assessment of Trump’s foreign policy efforts in North Korea.

Partial Transcript:

WOLF BLITZER: “You do give the president some credit for squeezing the Chinese to put some pressure on North Korea.”

JOHN KIRBY: “I do…absolutely do. I mean, Him and his team, they have — look, if you told me a year ago, Wolf, that the Chinese would cut off all natural gas, that they would cut off importing seafood from North Korea, that they would put pressure on the oil exports to North Korea to the degree that they have, I would have laughed at you.

I didn’t think that that was possible. This administration has been able to do that. Now, again, there’s more work needs to be done. I am encouraged when I hear Secretary Mattis and Secretary Tillerson talk about diplomatic efforts being in the lead, and the fact that there’s still maneuver space to explore diplomatic options. That makes me feel a little bit better.”

Recall how the Left positioned Donald Trump as a hothead. Trump, they declared should not be trusted with the “football”; the nuclear switch. This type of talk has continued.

As recent as November of this year CNN reported on such discussions:

Congressional lawmakers raised concerns about President Donald Trump‘s ability to use nuclear weapons during a hearing Capitol Hill Tuesday amid bipartisan anxiety over launch process procedures and indications that the administration has considered the option of a first strike on North Korea.

Members of the Senate foreign affairs committee called into question a decades-old presidential authority to deploy nuclear weapons in what was the first congressional hearing on nuclear authorization in decades.

“We are concerned that the President of the United States is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quixotic that he might order a nuclear weapons strike that is wildly out of step with US national security interests,” said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut.

Sen. Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, echoed those concerns: “Many Americans fear that the President’s words could turn into nuclear reality.

Republican members of the committee were less blunt in their criticism of Trump’s judgment but did seek assurance that there are legal and strategic oversight measures in place to prevent the rash use of nuclear weapons.

Ultimately, the panel warned against legislative changes to rein in the President’s authority to exercise nuclear authority.

“I think hard cases make bad law, and I think if we were to change the decision-making process in some way because of a distrust of this President, I think that would be an unfortunate precedent,” said Brian Mckeon, who previously served as Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy during the Obama administration.

Just like President Trump has done in almost all cases, he makes liars of Leftists.

If John Kirby rethinks his position on President Trump, how many others now rethink their positions as well? Plenty, that’s how many.


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