In some neighborhoods, it’s not a good thing when the police start knocking on the door.

However, for one Oklahoma City family, police delivered Christmas cheer.

For Sophia Reed, money is tight. She knew Christmas presents would be tough to provide this year. Nevertheless, she managed to scrape together a little bit of money. Sadly, the single mother was forced to spend that money on something else, as Reed paid the security deposit for a new apartment.

The family knew that moving wiped out their chances of putting gifts under the tree. Thankfully, the kids were perfectly happy to forgo presents under the circumstances. After all, that’s not what Christmas is about anyway.

Or maybe not. As it turns out, Reed’s 13-year-old son decided to make other plans. He decided to provide Christmas for his mother on his own.

So Diauris Reed disappeared; sneaked out of the new apartment, in fact. His mother couldn’t find him anywhere. In her panic, she quickly called police.

Once the boys in blue responded, Diarius’ sister didn’t know what to do. She knew the plan. But she wasn’t sure if ratting out her brother was the right answer.

As Oklahoma’s News 4 reports:

“I was afraid he was going to get in trouble,” Sophia’s daughter, Deneisha said about Diauris. “I was very afraid he was going to get in trouble. I just didn’t want to say anything because it would blow the whole thing.”

“The whole thing” was a plan to make money to buy their mom a Christmas gift. Deneisha suggested collecting cans and that’s what Diauris secretly snuck off to do.

“I just wanted to do something for my mama,” Diauris said.

He came home when he saw officers and told them what he was doing.

Blue Lives Make a Difference

Officer Roland Russell couldn’t ignore the Reed’s situation. He was so touched by Diauris’ efforts, he decided to pitch in. Russell encouraged fellow officers to get out and meet the family. But he wanted the Reed’s to have more than just handshakes for Christmas. Therefor, Russell coordinated efforts to raise $800 and bring housewarming and Christmas gifts to the Reed family.

As Diauris pointed out, he came from a place where a knock from police was a bad sign. However, he was blessed to receive a different kind of message for Christmas.

I love to see the real work of police. What these officers did is what police all over the country do almost daily that goes unheralded. Instead, Leftists put targets on the back of police, instead of thanking them for their efforts.

As TBS recently pointed out, “the Left may claim that Obama calmed the nation with his sermon-like eloquence, however his actions as president paint a different picture.”

I’m sure somewhere people capture the many acts of kindness police show daily. I wish we could do more. But hopefully this story provides a bit of Christmas cheer.






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