President Trump: Anti-Slavery President the Left HATES

President Trump: Anti-Slavery President the Left HATES

President Trump knows how to provoke the Left with his moves.

And his latest move is spectacular, as Trump becomes the modern-day anti-slavery president.

The White House issued a press release:

During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we recommit ourselves to eradicating the evil of enslavement.  Human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation.  It has no place in our world.  This month we do not simply reflect on this appalling reality.  We also pledge to do all in our power to end the horrific practice of human trafficking that plagues innocent victims around the world.

Human trafficking is a sickening crime at odds with our very humanity.  An estimated 25 million people are currently victims of human trafficking for both sex and labor.  Human traffickers prey on their victims by promising a life of hope and greater opportunity, while delivering only enslavement.  Instead of delivering people to better lives, traffickers unjustifiably profit from the labor and toil of their victims, who they force — through violence and intimidation — to work in brothels and factories, on farms and fishing vessels, in private homes, and in countless industries.

Move over Abe Lincoln, here comes Donald Trump going after your legacy.

And what a subject for a white Republican president to tackle…SLAVERY!

The presser continues:

In February, I signed an Executive Order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations, including those that perpetuate the crime of human trafficking.  My Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons has enhanced collaboration with other nations, businesses, civil society organizations, and survivors of human trafficking.

Democrats detest that Donald Trump now tackles this issue. Because how can you complain when a man wants to end slavery?

And what this also does is bring attention to modern-day slavery. Thus, black whiners will lose the ability to complain about slavery from 150+ years ago.


Slavery today is a very real problem, and not anecdotal. And like most real problems, modern-day slavery and sex trafficking has only gotten tangential discussion. Politicians discuss the problem, however they do nothing to attack the problem.

If President Trump says he’s attacking the problem, you can bet the world will see real results.

This issue also addresses parts of other philosophical battles of civilized people. Look at what constitutes human trafficking:

Purposes of exploitation can range from forced prostitution and forced labour to forced marriage and forced organ removal. Here are the most common forms of modern slavery, according to Anti-Slavery:

  • Forced labour – any work or services which people are forced to do against their will under the threat of some form of punishment.

  • Debt bondage or bonded labour – the world’s most widespread form of slavery, when people borrow money they cannot repay and are required to work to pay off the debt, then losing control over the conditions of both their employment and the debt.

  • Human trafficking– involves transporting, recruiting or harbouring people for the purpose of exploitation, using violence, threats or coercion.

  • Descent-based slavery – where people are born into slavery because their ancestors were captured and enslaved; they remain in slavery by descent.

  • Child slavery – many people often confuse child slavery with child labour, but it is much worse. Whilst child labour is harmful for children and hinders their education and development, child slavery occurs when a child is exploited for someone else’s gain. It can include child trafficking, child soldiers, child marriage and child domestic slavery.

  • Forced and early marriage – when someone is married against their will and cannot leave the marriage. Most child marriages can be considered slavery.

In many of these areas, the president’s proclamation hits many countries hard. I believe the president will make sure countries who don’t address this issue will find dealing with America much more difficult.

Here are the numbers from CNN on the Obama administration:

Throughout this Administration, federal law enforcement agencies have initiated over 6,000 human trafficking cases and secured over 4,000 convictions. Additionally, law enforcement investigations have identified more than 2,000 victims of human trafficking — a statistic that is now available through the Victim Assistance Database, a resource that did not exist prior to December 2011.

In 2016, the Administration convened the first U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking, made up of 11 human trafficking survivors appointed by President Obama. This Council is helping ensure that our anti-trafficking policies are grounded in the experiences of those most affected by these horrific crimes.

Bush had a dismal record, according to UPI:

— The Justice Department has prosecuted 76 individuals for trafficking in 2001 and 2002. It has 125 open investigations, nearly twice as many as in January 2001, officials said. The agency has conducted training for prosecutors and agencies and held its first summit on protecting children from prostitution.

I am willing to bet that President Trump will fare much better.



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